Sanders Maintains Lead in Iowa on New Quinnipiac Poll


With just days left to go before the first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses, a new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows Sen. Bernie Sanders maintaining a four-point lead over Secretary Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

Sanders’ lead is built on support from younger voters in the state. Likely caucusgoers surveyed between the ages of 18 and 44 favor Sanders over Clinton 78 percent to 21 percent.

Iowans surveyed listed the economy as their highest priority, followed by health care and climate change — all topics Sanders has worked to inject into the 2016 presidential primary. Likely caucusgoers who say the economy is the most important issue for them favor Sanders 53 percent to 41 percent.

Sanders is spending the morning in Washington meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House. He returns to Iowa tonight for a rally in Mason City.

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    January 27, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    Senator Bernie Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader including honesty, humility, energetic, authenticity, compassion, fairness, intelligence, experience, respectfulness, and he is passionate about helping every child succeed in this country, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations. Bernie is democratic (by the people) socialist (for the people) and democratic socialists programs including public schools, the U.S. post office, the military, the public library, social security, etc built this country! His medicare for all plan will save the average family $1200 and more per year. Check out Bernie’s budget. He will grow this economy. Research his record on you tube. He passed more amendments than any congress person in support of the people and was given the highest congressional award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. With Bernie as president, he will put an end to the “legal bribes and scams” going on in our government today. Save our democracy. Get involved, make telephone calls, pass out flyers, go to Bernie! Check out your state’s voting laws, get registered and ready to vote for Bernie Sanders! Bernie as an Indpendent won over 70% of the vote from both democrats and republicans in his home state. Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

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