Sanders Nearly Matches Clinton in Contributions For Last Three Months

Bernie waves at the disappointed crowd as wife Jane looks on
Bernie waves at the disappointed crowd as wife Jane looks on

Word broke earlier today that Bernie Sanders, had done what no Presidential candidate had done before when he took in over 1 million individual contributions for his campaign. The grassroots effort that has been put together by the American people is extraordinary and unprecedented and effective.

While many polls show the Vermont Senator leading Clinton it looks as though he’s almost caught her in the fundraising department as well. Information was released about the amount that has been raised by each candidate. Sanders’ campaign stated they’d raise 25.5 million in this last quarter while Hillary Clinton raised 28 million.

That puts Bernie very close to the 40 million dollar threshold, according to one of his top advisers, that his camp claimed it would take for him to run a successful campaign. That amount includes the $15.2 million Sanders, reported raising through the end of June, said Tad Devine, Sanders’ senior media adviser.

“We’re going to have significant resources and we’re going to be able to deploy those resources,” Devine said Wednesday. “It’s fair to say that we’ve done better than we originallythought we could do in terms of putting together what we’d need to run this campaign.”

Bernie and his campaign staff pushed up until the final reporting hour to squeeze in as many contributions as they could. The average contribution size was just a little over $24 and according to some of the things we ourselves saw on Facebook, Bernie supporters were doing all they could to get him past the 1 million mark, which they did with over a half a day to spare. We saw people post on Facebook that they had $11 in the bank but sent Bernie $6 of it. We saw others that contributed $3 when it was all they could afford, so they could feel even more a part of something special.

Devine told The Burlington Free Press that resources are in place now to run full-fledged campaigns in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, to begin campaigning in some states holding primaries in early March, and to get on the ballot in every state.

Sanders’ fundraising report, due to the Federal Election Commission on Oct. 15, will show significant expenditures, Devine said. But he said Sanders hasn’t spent money on media or polling, leaving him with “very significant” funds.

Devine also stated that Sanders will be ahead of where President Obama was at this time in 2007 in number of contributors and contributions .

“I think that’s a big deal,” he said.

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  • October 1, 2015 at 3:13 am

    God bless you, Bernie! Let’s propel you from “America’s Senator” to “America’s President”!

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