Sanders Seeking A Sweep In Saturday Contests

Bernie Sanders

There will be Democratic presidential contests held in three states today, where Hillary Clinton will look to extend her lead and inch closer to the nomination, but Bernie Sanders will be looking for a sweep.

Sanders is hoping for wins in Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington. All three contests will be in the form of caucuses, which seem to have favored Sanders in the past.
Western states have become the focal point of the Bernie Sanders campaign as he looks to close the delegate gap between the two Democratic contenders.

Clinton holds a lead in pledged delegates with 1, 223 while Sanders currently has 920. Sanders has said he will stay in the race and fight for the nomination through the Democratic National Convention in July, and winning these three states could certainly give him the momentum needed to surge forward.

Washington will be the state with the most delegates up for grabs in Saturday’s contests, with 101 to be divided up proportionately between the candidates. Hawaii will have 25 up, and Alaska will have 16.

Sanders has been campaigning vigorously in Washington, as he drew thousands to Safeco Field in Seattle for a rally on Friday.

This could be a great opportunity for Sanders to gain some real delegate ground on Clinton moving closer to other western states such as California and Oregon, where Sanders could do well.

Sanders has also recently been endorsed by The Seattle Times, the state’s biggest newspaper.


Mike A. Hewlett

Mike Hewlett is currently serving as Politics and Policy Chairman for Memphis Forward, a city organization working toward progressive policies in the Memphis area. Mike has worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Field Organizing and Communications at the Memphis, TN campaign office.

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    March 26, 2016 at 9:57 am

    The Western Front has arrived The Revolution has begun And we are going to Win Bernie or Bust

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    March 26, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Severely Disabled. Posting as Senator Easy on Washington Post… Mr. Weaver must go hard against the 80 million defaults against the United States Disabled alone…the pilfering against the poor by the Congress and the PARTY BANK HEDGE FUNDS are creating even more bad legislation to CUT even more and CAUSE even more bankruptcies, EVICTIONS (involuntary redistricting), foreclosure, theft of pensions, expatriation of funds, wrongful judgements, garnishments, EVERYTHING CAUSING the bailouts, credit downgrades…Mrs Clinton and her daughter cannot pass legislation free from Hedge Fund Bias and neither can 18% of the Democratic Party and 90% of the Republican Nationalist Committee. Here is what I am owed since 1996:
    $383.00 Disability Housing Voucher…Jeb Bush and his donors are Investing it for Profits(as they refuse to give it to me)…while Hedging Debts and Defaults against me.
    $ 68.00 Disability Food Stamps…Phil Graham and his donors have been investing this money(as they refuse to give it to me)…while HEDGING Debts and Defaults against me.
    $ 68.00 Prescription Drug Benefit…Dr. Frist and Mr. Hastert are investing it(as they refuse to give it to me)… while HEDGING DEBT and DEFAULT against me…**if that 1% paid it all back to the 32 million Americans owed…Historical United States Economic Recovery.

    Every NATIONALIST has violated the Affordable Care Act and is now trading MASSIVE and ILLEGAL DEBT against the DISABLED to undermine the U.S. Economy…who is policing this? President Obama…Medicaid ((State GOP Outsourcers and Privatizers) and the Democratic Party are being blamed…it is the Far Right Wing NATIONALIST PRICE THIEF and OVERCHARGER…BERNIE MUST GO AFTER CHENEY TORT REFORM BY NAME…

    Senator Sanders must first prove Senator Clinton cannot separate herself from HEDGE FUND FAILURE AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS for PROFIT…call them what they are ERADICATION CUTS…U.S. DEATH TOLL is up 500,000 ANNUALLY since they started…next…everytime Trump…cruz…kasich or any Far Right Wing Republican Nationalist blames our president or any American for any terrorist act tell BERNIE to tell them to write dash a check and kiss them on the cheek…

    WHILE…Separating the GOP as the CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES can no longer FOLLOW or SUPPORT FAR RIGHT WING NATIONALISM. This must be about more than the War Against the Middle Class, because America is losing that war too…there needs to be a discussion as to what is actually happening to you once you get that pink slip… what these PARTY TYRANTS have already taken from us and how we get it back, because, you should not have to lose everything you have worked for, so the Hedge Fundies can meet their quotas for the day.

    If every dollar the Far Right Wing Nationalists had CUT from the Budget and replaced with Grover Norquist/Phil Graham State Privatized and Outsourced RNC Racketeering and Extortion Governor’s Association INSURANCE instead of CONSTITUTIONAL TAXATION, were paid to the poor, elderly, veterans, the sick and the disabled, teachers, students, women, workers and the unemployed, instead of the Criminally Insane Dogmas of Far Right Wing Nationalism NONE of this CRISIS ever occurs, or EVER OCCURS AGAIN…IT IS DELIBERATE…THEY ARE STEALING FROM US TODAY.

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    March 29, 2016 at 6:35 am

    Bernie Sanders our next president 2016.

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