Sanders campaign manager Weaver calls premature victory announcement ‘suppression of voter turnout’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver condemned the decision by the Associated Press to anoint rival Hillary Clinton as the winner of the Democratic primary and the party’s candidate for the general election for president.

A feisty Weaver went as far as to call the decision “suppressing voter turnout.”

According to Politico, Weaver told CNN:

“Let those people vote and decide before the media tells them that the race is over. What’s the point of suppressing voter turnout in six states across the country to have a quick news hit that could easily have been done tonight?”

Six Democratic primaries were conducted today, New Jersey, California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and New Jersey.

Weaver also recently got into an exchange with Chris Matthews, which for Matthews, didn’t go well at all. Watch the video below:

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Shawn Skager

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