BREAKING: Sanders Wins Indiana

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Sanders Wins Indiana!!!!

Bernie Sanders held a press conference a few days ago and urged people not to give up, and made it clear that his campaign is going all the way until the convention in July no matter what happens between now and then. Most of us weren’t going to give up anyway, but this win in Indiana puts the momentum back in Bernie’s camp and should help some people keep the faith.

Also, this victory once again proves the pundits wrong, along with most pollsters, including media darling Nate Silver of 538 fame—who as of at least 1:40 p.m. today(election day) gave Clinton a 91% chance of winning. Although we don’t have the final margin of victory yet, he was ahead 53.3% to 46.7% when the race was called with 73% of precincts reporting.

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The fact that Silver only gave Sanders a 9% chance of winning isn’t terribly surprising, though, as his predictions rely heavily on polling and Sanders has outperformed the polls time and time again. Mostly because of the way data is collected. Someday, people will realize that landline phones are no longer reliable when looking at the bigger picture.

So what does this win mean for Sanders? In terms of delegates, he’ll gain a few—but what really matters is that it might slow down the corporate media a little bit. Maybe it won’t. Maybe they will realize that this isn’t over with and they will work harder to discredit him. But one thing it does do is prove that independents matter and why we need open primaries.

This win will help to energize his support base, and it also puts the momentum back on his side. With several primaries still to go, he has a great chance to roll into Philadelphia on a winning streak, while Clinton will be limping in at best.

Also, with Trump’s win in Indiana…I truly hate saying his name, but it’s time we really start having this talk. Bernie is the only one that is guaranteed to beat him, and with the revelation that Clinton has been using the Hillary Victory Fund as a way to funnel more money into her campaign—money that was supposed to go to the states—she’s likely to lose even more trust from people.

We’ll update the final numbers in this article as we get them.



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