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Sign The Petiton- Demand The FEC Investigate Clinton’s Super PAC

Photo by Chatham House via

Photo by Chatham House via

There are laws restricting political candidates from coordinating directly with their super PACs. These laws are designed to separate donations from bribes.

Mrs. Clinton has an unusual relationship with Correct the Record. The super PAC coordinates directly with the Clinton campaign, and other federal campaigns and Democratic party committees. It is questionable as to whether this is actually legal. Campaign finance laws are designed to prevent PACs and super PACs from having direct contact with campaigns.

By coordinating directly with her Super Pac, Hillary Clinton is accepting bribes in the form of donations. She knows who her donors are, and she can communicate with them.

Hillary Clinton understands the FEC is impotent and has ignored campaign finance laws regarding separation of candidate and super PACs. She openly coordinates with her super PAC, Correct the Record. It is now common knowledge among the candidates there is no established fine for offenders. The six-member FEC panel is split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, and its purpose is to decide on punishment. Because of this equation, votes are made along party lines, and nothing ever happens. They have meetings, but nothing gets accomplished. There are no investigations.

The richest among us are becoming known as the “ruling class,” or the aristocracy, because they can bribe politicians to do their bidding, which includes protection from taxes.

Over time, Mrs. Clinton has become one of the ruling class. For most, a peculiar effect takes place after accumulating great wealth. Laws become nuisances to be worked around, rather than rules to follow. Even a small amount of research will show Mrs. Clinton has become a member of the ruling class, and bends or breaks the laws when it suits her. You may recognize similarities between her behavior and the “Affluenza” mom of Ethan Couch, when she took her son to Mexico. Both Mrs. Clinton, and Ethan’s mother, believe laws don’t apply to them. That their wealth and contacts place them above the law.

A new study shows extreme income inequality makes the “ruling class” less generous toward others. The study found higher-income people are less generous when income inequality is high. And they are much less charitable than low-income people. The more they are isolated from average Americans, the less human we seem. This would explain Mrs. Clinton’s statement that student’s need to work while in college, why she was comfortable voting for the Iraq War, and why she feels campaign finance laws are a nuisance to be worked around.

Selecting a new president is an important task, and a responsibility not to be taken lightly. There needs to be a level playing field with candidates obeying the laws, and our expectations, so that we, the people, can make informed decisions. Our expectations are based on the laws, and the laws are based on the concepts of honesty and fair play. Please sign the petition requesting an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, Correct The Record. You can do that here.



  1. Clarence

    Bernie Sanders 2016


    Investigate CORRUPTION

  3. Gail Ordes

    BERNIE I SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jonna Kirk

    We must elect Bernie Sanders of POTUS; it’s time we clean up the corruption and pull us out of oligarchy!

    Thank you for running for POTUS Bernie Sanders!

  5. Vicke Kepling

    Transparency is necessary in the leadership of our country. If there is nothing to hide, there should be no reservation about allowing a FEC investigation. American citizens deserve–and have the right to–ethical leadership. Thank you.

  6. Kathleen Crayne

    Absolutely NOTHING surprises me about Hillary anymore. Dishonest,underhanded.and thoroughly disgusting.

  7. Craig Moir

    Please investigate this further

  8. April Hurley

    Feel the Bern

  9. Ann Jarvis

    investigate h clinton’s superpac.

  10. william garrett

    This should be investigated to the fullest. If wrong doings were done, they should be punished to the fullest degree of the law.

  11. Austin Hubbard

    How many accusations need to occur before a regulatory organization exercises is right to investigate possible criminal activity?

  12. Dr. James G. Keller, Jr.

    One candidate’s clear monopoly over the DNC represents a clear conflict of interest, itself a situation which requires redress. In the mean time, please do not let the untoward relationship between candidate Clinton and the DNC cloud FEC-required policies requiring transparency.

  13. Christine Cooper

    This is important to investigate for the election, we need to know who we can trust as a candidate.

  14. s searle

    she’s a shady lady

  15. Sarah Mastrangelo

    I would like to see this investigated.

  16. Many of us don’t want a man or woman as president who seems to have unlimited scandals pertaining to unethical or even criminal behavior! The DNC is losing support because of it. My vote is for Bernie Sanders an honest and reputable leader.

  17. Norma Pearson

    I want an investigation to assure campaign laws are adhered to by Hillary Clinton.

  18. yalonda cooper

    Sine a little light