Sign up to Host Your Own Debate Watch Party (Even If It’s Private)

Bernie 2016

Even if it’s just you and a couple friends or family, Bernie’s campaign wants to count your Debate Watch Party! Help them get from 3,348 parties to 3,701! Post your private or public event now.

On Tuesday night all of America will finally get the chance to hear from Bernie directly in the first Democratic presidential debate. And it’s amazing: supporters have planned 3,348 Debate Watch Parties across the country.

That number is especially amazing because about half are in public venues and expecting large crowds. But we’re not satisfied with that number. Why? Because on July 29, you all held 3,700 organizing kickoff events! Even thoughTuesday’s are bigger, we want to see more! We want to show the press and pundits beyond any doubt that our movement is growing.

On the 29th, many house parties were just a few friends and family coming together. If you’re doing that again, please post an event on our site right now so we can count you! The debate begins Tuesday at 8:30pm (changed from9:00pm). It streams live on so you don’t even need to have cable or a TV!

If you’re watching the debate on Tuesday, then please be counted, by creating a private or public Debate Watch Party of your own right now. Posting your event will only take a minute. 

Let’s send a clear message: we want to hear real discussion about real issues. We want to reclaim democracy for all people, not just the billionaire class. Let’s show the press and pundits an exploding movement behind Bernie.

Click here to plan your event now.

If you want to keep your event to just you and your chosen guests, you can set it to private when you create it on Bernie’s site. They’ll still count it in the overall numbers.

If you’d like to meet other awesome Bernie supporters near you, consider creating a public event. Most supporters don’t even look for a party to attend until the last minute. Your party can help make room for everyone.

Hosting is fun and easy! You can email your guests, to ask them to bring food or drink, or to help set up.

Wherever you’re Feeling the Bern on Tuesday night, with whomever, create your event now so we can count you among us.

It’s an honor working side by side with you in this movement.

– Zack Exley
Bernie 2016

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