Sorry Media: Hillary Clinton did not win Nebraska

Tuesday May 10, 2016 was a good day for the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He exceeded expectations once again and earned a decisive 16 point win over a stumbling Hillary Clinton in West Virginia.

But on a night that the media should be talking about how well Bernie’s campaign is doing in spite of so many obstacles, they instead take the opportunity to throw shade on his night and declare her the winner in Nebraska.

The only problem there is that Nebraska wasn’t up for grabs, therefore she did not win Nebraska. No, Bernie took care of that back in early March when the Cornhusker state held their caucuses.¬†Sure, she won a completely meaningless primary that many people didn’t vote in because, well, it was meaningless. Not that it shouldn’t have been mentioned but it is not news. Hell, the Nebraska newspapers barely mentioned it.

Nebraska Caucus

One of the most ironic statements I’ve heard lately was while accidentally listening to NPR for a few minutes this morning. They had a pundit on(his name escapes me) but he talked about how the Nebraska win proves that she wins primaries and he only wins the caucuses. This, in the same news segment that just reported that he won the West Virginia Primary by 16 points. A few moments later the pundit stated that he worked for the Clinton campaign in 2008 and although he didn’t mention it, likely still is working for her.

But what really happened in Nebraska and why are they saying she won if she didn’t? Let me explain. Many states, Nebraska included, hold both caucuses and primaries. Nebraska Democratic Party officials made the decision this year that the delegates would be awarded via the caucus method. But like laws in other states, candidates from both parties must be listed on the primary ballot, even if the vote means nothing.

NE Caucus words

You can read all about the Democratic process in Nebraska HERE

I think it goes without saying that many people didn’t vote in the primary because they’d done some research and knew their voted was meaningless in terms of delegate allocation, which is the important stuff.

So, to recap, Hillary Clinton did not win Nebraska, it wasn’t up for grabs.



G.A. Dunlap

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