The Bern Report Fundraiser


The Bern Report is currently looking to raise funds to take this website to the next level. As you may have noticed we don’t sell ads, although we do give some away at times for causes we believe in. When we started this website in 2015 it quickly grew into the most popular Bernie news site out there. At the peak of popularity we were averaging nearly 2.5 million views per month. All without selling advertising or generating income in any way. We were self-funding and although it wasn’t cheap it was worth it. Unfortunately we aren’t in a position to self-fund it again this time. 

As we face one of the greatest tests this movement has faced to date, it’s time for us to go for broke and we are asking for your help. Every penny we raise will go towards the costs of operating this website, such as webhosting, paying writers and other content creators and also paying for Facebook ads. 

If you are interested in helping us reach a wide audience, we have a Patreon account set up HERE.  If you’d like to make a one time contribution at Paypal, you can do that HERE