The Debates Are Coming!!

So (finally) the first of the DNC debates are coming Tuesday October 13th at 9PM on CNN. Big deal right? We’ve seen 2 RNC debates and all I’ve done is Play bingo (no joke, google it, it’s hilarious and scary) and marveled at the absurdity as most americans and the media at large have also done.

Why is this important? Well, finally, we get a chance to see our boy Bernie in his element. He gets a national stage to present his ideas and plans against the establishment figures that are stacked up on his sides. I believe this debate will show how Bernie has the best path for this country. How his ideas make the most sense and I (and many others) envision a huge influx of Americans will start to feel the Bern!

How awesome is that? Amazingly awesome, but, will people actually watch? After the distaste left in our collective mouths after the two RNC debates, how can we expect people to take politics seriously? Well, one way to counter this is to host a debate party and post it to Get people out to listen to Bernie and his message, get people to volunteer and then turn that into action.

bernie map

My challenge to you, as a supporter of Bernie Sanders:

  1. Host a debate party. Libraries, colleges, bars, VFW’s, homes, anywhere with a decent wifi connection (CNN has said they will stream it) can be your location! It doesn’t hurt to reach out to see where your resources lie.
  2. Sign people up who feel the Bern. Go to and look at all the ways you can sign people up and get them off the fence.
  3. Host an event to involve those who have that most recent enthusiasm. Stand on a street corner for a visibility event, go to city hall and get voter registration sheets and get people registered or just fill your pockets with fliers and gain allies in your area.
  4. Use that momentum to get a solid group in your area to continue your momentum. The only way we win is that we keep reaching out. The more people feel that momentum and enthusiasm to get out and do something continually,m the better!

Get out and spread the Bern and remember, WWBD? Don’t chastise those that support another candidate, invite them to hear for themselves and register anyone, regardless of who they support now, you never know who they will support as time goes on :)~


An outspoken, unapologetic, "bleeding heart liberal" that people can't help but hate to love after a 5 minute conversation. I stick to my guns, because I know the ammunition is truth. The truth is that we all deserve a fair shake in this world cus' we'd all be better off. Bernie or Bust.

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