The One Vote Most Polls Don’t Count – Yours

Poll SeasonWe’ve all seen them. The Polls. They are all over the place. Bernie Sanders has had arguably the strongest few weeks of his campaign, makes it on the cover of Time Magazine, appears on Stephen Colbert’s new show, makes political contribution history and to top it all off nearly raises as much money as Hillary. How does CNN reward him? By coming out almost instantly with a poll that shows he hasn’t gained on her at all.

I mean think about that, really think about that. The man is an underground phenomenon and the “national” polls show him almost no love at all.  In fact in a recent Gallup poll they’d like you to believe he is actually going backwards. Yes even with Hillary’s very much public scandals and his meteoric rise, they want you to believe that he is losing ground. How stupid do they think we are?

To be fair Bernie is showing very well in recent Iowa and New Hampshire polls and has taken huge leads in those states, and has gained a little ground in others, so at least some of them are reflecting what is actually happening. But on the positive side, even if the media won’t fairly cover his lead in these states, the online media sources and social media are doing a fantastic job of spreading the word.

So, even with Sanders’ meteoric rise, some polls show Clinton still carrying a substantial lead over Bernie but one has to remember that sometimes these polls come back with just what the pollsters want. You also sometimes have polls that are ran by people that have history with Wall Street pandering democratic hopefuls such as the case with a poll that a company called Hart Research Associates runs. BTW, they provide the polling data for at least one large and dare we say highly influential poll on NBC / WSJ(Wall Street Journal) and with Geoff Garin  who used to be Clinton’s campaign strategist as president of the company, you’d have to have your head buried in the sand to think there’s not at least a little bit of favoritism going on there.

But as we mentioned earlier, there’s more: In a recent Gallup poll it was shown that Bernie Sanders is less familiar with democrats than he was the month earlier. A month where he was drawing 5 times as many oxygen breathing land dwellers to his rallies. And in a month where he crushed her on social media, same thing, they show him less familiar. What on God’s green earth are these people smoking? Have we gotten to a point in this country where they feel they can blatantly throw out data like that and that people will believe it? One thing that absolutely has to be taken into account though is that these weapons are all part of the game that the power brokers play but Bernie is hell bent on changing the rules and not playing that game. With a massive fanbase that grows larger everyday, he is having a lot of success doing just that. In the end, we just have to remember to take polls with a grain of salt.

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One more word about polls. Most of them are weighted by more landline calls than they are cell phones. That’s important because Bernie is resonating very well with the younger crowd and a good 2/3 of them don’t use or even own a landline, so their voice is not being counted in the polls. In a 2014 poll conducted by Pew Research Center, 66% of 25-29 year old adults don’t have a landline and 60% of those 30-34 don’t either. And as we also know Bernie is the champion of the politically disenchanted(like us) – a good amount of these people, I’ve read upwards of 60% aren’t registered as democrat yet so they aren’t being called either.

The people that are being called for these “national” polls are likely Democratic Primary voters. Translation: They voted Democrat in the last primary. That statement should tell you a whole lot right there. Remember how we mentioned that Bernie is the champion of the politically disenchanted(like us)? Well none of them are included in the national polls. In fact think about it, do you know a person on this planet that has been polled? I know a lot of people and I don’t know one that’s been called. My suspicion is that they have a list of people to call that will give them exactly the answer they want to hear. Not to fear though –

It makes Bernie even more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. however has a nationwide internet poll that seems to have cracked the code as to how to get people on the internet to actually take a poll. Some pollsters use internet polling but it’s always been looked at by most people with one eyebrow raised. This one is different and as you can see with over a million votes for the democratic presidential nominees it has a wide range of support. Click HERE to see how Bernie is doing there.

How do we get them to hear us? Well we keep doing what we are doing. With millions of supporters now it is only a matter of time before the mainstream media reaches the tipping point.  When those millions of people start voting with their wallets and stop supporting the advertisers it will put heat on the networks and they’ll be forced to make a decision. And make no mistake, with the amount of people we have assembled on Bernie’s side, that carries a massive amount of power. The corporate elite no doubt have thought of that and probably have a plan “B” but are milking this for all it is worth.

So let’s all keep doing what we are doing, it’s obviously working. Because if it wasn’t they would pay no attention to Bernie at all.

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G.A. Casebeer

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