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TIME’s Rejection of Bernie Sanders Should Prompt Outrage

TIME person of the year Bernie

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders won TIME’s open poll for 2015 Person of the Year by a two-to-one margin, earning over 10 percent of the popular vote.  His closest competitor, Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, won 5.2 percent of votes cast.  Fellow 2016 presidential candidates fared poorly in comparison, with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump leading the rest of the presidential pack at a meager 1.8 percent.  Sanders’ Democratic rival, frontrunner Hillary Clinton, appealed to only 1.4 percent of voters.

Yet, when TIME’s editors announced their eight finalists for 2015’s Person of the Year, Donald Trump was among them…but Bernie Sanders was not.  That’s right:  The two candidates who received the most votes, by wide margins, were not included.  I figured that TIME would not name Bernie Sanders as Person of the Year due to his current status as a presidential candidate, but then they named Republican candidate Donald Trump as a finalist.  I am flabbergasted – how can TIME name real estate scion Donald Trump as a Person of the Year finalist, but not U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders?

This turn of events should outrage anyone with a conscience and sense of fairness.  For Sanders to not even make the list of eight finalists, after winning the public poll by a two-to-one margin over his nearest competitor, is flat-out ridiculous.  Is Sanders and his story not sufficiently newsworthy?

The lone independent in the U.S. Senate, having clawed his way from left-wing obscurity in the 1970s all the way to being the most popular U.S. Senator, with hard-won stops as city mayor and U.S. Representative along the way, Bernie Sanders has an amazing backstory.  The fact that he has a clean record and espouses the same values he did in the ’70s, all while earning an unrivaled reputation for integrity, only adds to his appeal.  His ability to draw record-setting crowds while being maligned by the mainstream media as an outsider is simply icing on the cake.

America is feeling the Bern, but the existing power structure seems determined to minimize his clout and force him to the sidelines.  Nowhere is this as blatantly apparent as today’s disgraceful snub by TIME.  Why did they deny Bernie Sanders the title of 2015 Person of the Year, or even a spot among the eight finalists?

At a time like this, it is hard to ignore the fact that TIME’s parent company, Time Warner, is a major donor to Bernie Sanders rival Hillary Clinton.  Did TIME snub Bernie Sanders in order to boost his primary election competitor?  Since it would be too blatant to name Hillary Clinton as a finalist, due to her meager ranking in the poll, the next best thing would be to remove her Democratic rival from contention as well.  Ignoring Bernie Sanders’ overwhelming popularity hands a tacit victory to Clinton.

This is not right.  Progressives, populists, liberals, independents, and even conservatives must condemn this attempt to subvert democratic values and insist that Bernie Sanders be named TIME’s 2015 Person of the Year.  His story is amazing and there is no valid reason why he could not be considered the most prominent newsmaker of 2015.  He has single-handedly made liberal economic reform a mainstream topic, bringing it back to the public forefront after decades of obscurity…and all without the support of the power structure.


About Calvin Wolf

By day, Calvin Wolf is a high school social studies teacher. By night, he is a freelance writer and novelist, penning political thrillers and commentary on politics, education, economics, foreign policy, and culture. In the past, he's worked as a professional cartoonist and as a backpacking guide. He once stood between a mother bear and her cub and emerged unscathed!


  1. “TIME” to boycott everything affiliated with Time Warner including any writinging done by their writer!!!
    This is being circulated in masses thoughout social media!!!
    Your snub of BERNIE SANDERS will backfire financially

    • paul klein

      OK America….since the main stream media is hiding Bernie Sander’s successful “POLITICAL REVOLUTION”, “We The People” will have to start a “MEDIA REVOLUTION” as while. It is very apparent….TIME CAN NOT BE TRUSTED FOR REPORTING THE TRUTH….WHO NEEDS THEM AND THEIR PARENT COMPANY AND SUBSIDERARIES.

  2. JoJoFox

    FIGHT BACK, Guys, TIME snubbed Bernie and Trump is in first place. So all Bernie fans need to got to the short list at TIME and Vote for Black Lives Matter and dethrone Trump…fight back! Go to the Short List and vote for BLM….Bernie will win on ISSUES…Make Bernie proud!

  3. xandy smith

    This is reprehensible but it is what we have come to expect.I am pretty sure that when Mr.Sanders wins the popular vote for president he will still loose the election for want of delegates.

    I would like to point out though that as a private enterprise Time is allowed to publish what ever they wish, or not…as it suits them

    • mark

      Even more egregious: in its print edition of Person of the Year, Time made no mention of the reader’s poll or of sanders!!

  4. Time has always maintained that the Person of the Year is the person who “most affected the events of the year, for better or for worse.” Since Bernie Sanders has been left out of most media until recently while they have focused on the Republican clown car of presidential candidates, it isn’t surprising that they would see Trump as “affecting events” more than Sanders.

    Sanders, on the other hand, has been affecting people, and in the end that will make the difference.

    • Luci Walker

      Thanks for exposing this. All systems rigged. Boycott Time! #BerniePOTUS
      America is controlled by 5 media outlets and none care about citizens.

    • Hopkins3030

      Let’s not forget who OWNS Time magazine… that’s right, Time Warner… and WHO is one of the Wall Street Shyster’s top 10 campaign donors?!? All you have to do to connect the dots is to Follow The Money!

    • Josh Gorham

      Although i dont agree with Times choice you are right about it being about whoever influences the media but a magazine that considers putting the head of the worlds most dangerous terrorist organization over Bernie has no morals. ISIS’ propaganda would write itself if they put Al-Baghdadi on the cover. And might I add that while I support Black Lives Matter, isn’t the vote suppose to be for the “PERSON of the Year”? Black lives matter is a movement not a person.

      But I agree Roger, what Bernie is doing is a lot more important than a magazine cover.

    • Ask for Editor: Nancy Gibbs at corporate headquarter of Time, Inc at 212 protest the fact the the READER’S POLL by a large margin elected Senator Bernie Sanders for “Person of the Year” yet TIME MAGAZINE has excluded him from their final candidates.
      it can’t hurt to have a huge deluge of phone messages
      you will get through at this number only..please take the moment to call..thanks! At least your voice wil be heard.



      • Mikey Mike

        This is INSANE. He does not meet the requirements to be Times Person of the Year. He is popular because of all the lazy people in America who want things they don’t work for. I am not a rich man, I am not middle class, but I dont believe in someone who tells me he is going to take from someone else and give it to me because I deserve it. I served this country for 20 years and I saw countries that tried what he is proposing, IT DID’NT WORK! That and in the simplest definition it is stealing. But today we as Americans feel we are entitled to anything we want. And if someone else does well and works hard they should give some of that to us. I work hard and am proud to provide for my family. He is another politician making promises and since the majority of Americans are lazy they want the easy way out. He is offering something others worked for for free. Shame on you all, and I know everyone will say I am the one who is nuts and am a crazy Republican. I am neither. Just apparently one of the last hardworking Americans who love their country, I don’t feel I am owed anything “just because I breathe”, and don’t believe on taxing the heck out of those who did earn what they have. Believe in yourselves and start reading real books on economics. Become educated and not accepting handouts, or electing those that offer them is the only way to save this country.

  5. S.L. Pattok

    That Time Warner seems to be u in the pocket of the rich and wealthy and I will never believe anything they say because Senator Bernie Sanders won this public poll hands down above the rest but Time out right Lies about it! Bernie Sanders won and He Will be our next President of the USA!
    That Trump is even on this list makes me want to vomit! How could a filthy rich hate mongering racist sexist poor excuse of a human being even be included in this poll! Yell the TRUTH Time Magazine because you know Bernie Sanders Won this public poll!

  6. Lauren Brillante

    EXCUSE ME! But you are ‘snatching defeat from the jaws of victory’! Bernie/WE WON!
    Instead of celebrating that you’ve got Bernie people all over the place freaking out and distracted instead of being heartened and working the phones!

  7. Beatrice V. Hutchins

    You can block the the Bernie voters all you want from the media, but we will be heard! Time magazine you are nothing more than Fox News!

  8. Nancy Farha

    I am appalled that you are not running the winner on the front page. Senator Sanders won 2 to1, yet he’s not going to be on the cover!? That’s CRAP!! I’m done with your magi

    I am appalled that you are not running the winner on the cover. Senator Sanders won 2 to 1.
    Senator Sanders has the best story and is the best choice .
    So..this is CRAP. I will never look at your magazine again, and will persuade as many people as I can to never look at it either!!

  9. I will be canceling mine first thing in the morning!! GO BERNIE!!

  10. WangZ

    Malala comes from Pakistan, instead of Syria.

  11. Michael V. Kniat

    They’re not going to reverse their decision now that they’ve made it, Calvin. The 2015 Person of the Year is now officially water under the bridge – except for Bernie’s impressive showing in the public vote, of course.

    As far as a response from Bernie’s people, however, I quite like the suggestion of Brent Budowsky, writing in The New York Observer:

  12. Donna

    “The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.”

    I had not realized until this primary cycle just how deep into the pit doo doo our media has sunk. They are nothing more than propaganda machines. When the public succeeds in taking back our government, breaking up the media monopoly is on the first page of our “to do” list.

  13. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Bernie Sanders is a decent, hardworking, compassionate, honest man. He has reached so many people since campaigning to become President of the United States and reached them in such a positive way. He led your poll from the get go, still leads your poll, and not only is he not going to be on the cover of your magazine, he isn’t even a finalist but Donald Trump is??? How could that possibly be. What is wrong with the people of this country, do you not see that that egomaniac thrives on attention and you, the media, and everybody showing up at his hatefests are playing right into his hands. I am sickened by your decision and guarantee you that I will never buy, nor even look at another Time magazine as long as I live and I’ll be sure to let everyone I know just how I feel too. Once again, SHAME ON YOU!

  14. Douglas Green

    Corrupt to the core. Utterly shameful.

  15. Susan Turnbull

    Once again money talks. You can ignore Bernie yet again but “we the people” who by the way have already spoken in a 2 to 1 margin for “Person of the Year”, only #feelthebern that much stronger. Time-Warner, Hillary’s 7 rh largest campaign supporter if course had nothing to do with this. What makes me angrier than anything is you really think the American public is ignorant and stupid. Step aside because you’ve only made us more determined to take back our country. Who knows? You may have done us (and Bernie) a huge favor. But Donald Trump? Seriously? An egomaniacal narcissistic bigot and demagogue. You embarrass yourselves.

  16. ted mahoney

    There has been an obvious snubbing by the media. They act as though its Queen Hillary and this is a coronation, not an election. I am disgusted with the media for their behavior. Bernie is the obvious peoples choice for President and the media can’t seem to notice. They will elect who their bosses tell them to elect and unfortunately enough Americans are just sheeple that will do as they are told by the media.

  17. Linda Smith

    I am in a state of disbelief that Bernie Sanders won Times open poll for Person of the Year and, yet, Time made the decision to not include him in their top eight candidates. Why did they bother with an open poll when they already had the results decided? I have been a long-time subscriber and advocate of Time and have been proud of their honesty in reporting; but I will not renew my subscription because I no longer find them to be honorable or trustworthy.

  18. S Jordan

    Time and all the major media depend on advertising to make money. So, who do you think they are going to make man of the year? The money man! Duh????

  19. Wayne Mark Carpenter

    It figures Bernie Sanders is a threat to the 1% and they (1%) should also worry about the Sanders Army!

  20. Wayne Mark Carpenter

    It figures!

  21. Sherri

    The fact there was such a overwhelming response supporting Bernie for man of the year was a warning toTime Warmer and corperate America. The last thing they want is for Bernie to become President because they know he is going to make some major changes in how they do business and they will do what they can to maintain status quo.
    Hillary is less of a threat therefore she has their support. Bernie is doing remarkably well considering how the media has tried hard to dismiss and practically ignore him. The Revolution is every present and growing. Everyone knows he is up against some pretty powerful forces (money) but the people will prevail and be heard

  22. Charlotte Guerriero

    What an outrage Time magazine!!

  23. John Mitchell

    Time is, of course, in business solely to make money for its owners. If it says “most affected the events of the year, for better or for worse,” what it really means is “most affected the sales of Time’s version of events during the year, for better revenues.”

  24. SandersPoliticking

    Conspiracy theory much? It will most likely be Putin or the Abu-Al Baghdadi or maybe even the Uber guy. It’s how Time tends to roll.

  25. TIME readers: Bernie Sanders Person of the Year

  26. paul klein

    “We the people” have lost respect for Time Magazine along with most of the other BIG MEDIA that don’t report the facts nor the truth. Time has lost their integrity along with most of the other medias. More power to the Jon Stewarts, Bill Maher’s and Stephen Corbert’s for being honest in their reporting of the news. Our hats off also to Rachel Maddock and people like Ed Schultz. SHAME ON YOU TIME MAGAZINE…YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.

  27. The Mule

    Throw them away when you see them left out in public, like in waiting rooms. Don’t just boycott, purge.

  28. Katherine B. White

    You should honor and recognize the great person Bernie is and choose him “Person of the Year.”

  29. Dave simcox

    Ask all to cancel their Time Magazine subscription and do not use their website. Hit them where it hurts.

    This is just some of the beginning of corporate America doing everything it can to minimize Bernie’s chances. Just like Disney, Comcast and the rest, they will keep Bernie off their airwaves.

  30. Becki

    If TIME Magazine asked for a poll to be done WHY did they not publish the winner ?
    I hope they loose subscriptions over this.

  31. Geoffrey Pierce

    As a Bernie supporter I must still say Time’s person of the year will be the one who upset or righted the most apple carts. It’s not necessarily a popularity contest. Bernie is great, but not yet as impactful on current events as Trump. By that measure Trump is certainly upsetting the apple carts, and a lot of people along the way.

  32. Sue Hustead

    Come on people. Time said that there was already a short list of prospective winners and Bernie was not on it. The fact that he won the public poll was not going to influence the choice for the winner from the short list. That is what I read before I cast my vote for Bernie.

  33. Pamela Hunter

    Listen if you do not think that Trump is exchanging funds and or gifts as we speak. I am certain the Time Mag photo will be Trump. He wins with the most money. LOL

  34. Linda Powell

    America will be a very surprising place for a large segment of The Establishment a year from now. But, for once, in a good way. That is, of course, if the election isn’t stolen by the plethora of bad actors and rudimentary, technically inadequate local protections.

  35. Kriss Erickson

    I’m a Montana woman supporting Bernie Sanders because he is not beholden to the media ownership, billionaires or large corporations. This is the reason Bernie Sanders should be TIME person of the year. He is the only honest one in the whole lot of Presidential candidates. You are a media corporations so you will only back and pay a lot of money for someone to do your bidding.

    • Ask for Editor: Nancy Gibbs at corporate headquarter of Time, Inc at 212 protest the fact the the READER’S POLL by a large margin elected Senator Bernie Sanders for “Person of the Year” yet TIME MAGAZINE has excluded him from their final candidates.
      it can’t hurt to have a huge deluge of phone messages
      you will get through at this number only..please take the moment to call..thanks! At least your voice wil be heard.

  36. Ranger Dan

    We’ll decide at the voting booth. Who cares what Time thinks. I wonder what place they’d come in, in a “Magazine of the Year” poll. Probably somewhere south of Cigar Afficianado, and Juggs.

  37. Mat O'Keefe

    Wonder who owns Time Magazine and who they are politically and financially backing? Oh ya, never mind. People voted, the peoples votes were ignored. You can’t ignore our votes come election day though! Register to vote people and get involved. It is our country and our lives that are effected by our elected leaders. Time for a revolution. A Bernielution!

  38. n_t_r

    Who cares? After he’s elected, he’s gonna have about eight more chances, and he’s probably gonna “win it” twice.

  39. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about
    this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the
    message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog.
    A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  40. Bill Sbonek


  41. Ask for Editor: Nancy Gibbs at corporate headquarter of Time, Inc at 212 protest the fact the the READER’S POLL by a large margin elected Senator Bernie Sanders for “Person of the Year” yet TIME MAGAZINE has excluded him from their final candidates.
    it can’t hurt to have a huge deluge of phone messages
    you will get through at this number only..please take the moment to call..thanks! At least your voice wilt be heard Thank-you!

  42. mark rose

    I am not surprised one bit that your corporate owned rag would not consider a person that has fought for the middle class, the poor and vets for over 40 years. Thankfully Time becomes less relevant to anything that happens in the US every year and soon will be just another propaganda tool of the past!

  43. Sam

    Does Wall Street own Time Inc? If so, what say did they have it this choice?

  44. Chere

    I will never buy another Time magazine as long as I live …..Them trying to deny Bernie Sanders will just make him more popular, so thank you Time fucking magazine !! You suck !! You let a loud mouth ass like Donald Trump on your cover, but not Bernie Sanders ? Shows me you have NO class, just like Trump !!

  45. Grateful Zugore

    Time to cancel our subscriptions to TIME and tell them why.

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