The Truth About Philadelphia the DNC Won’t Tell


I am fairly confident that one of the narratives to come out of next week’s Democratic convention in Philadelphia will be something along the lines of “Bernie’s created a monster… all the negativity he’s thrown at Hillary has angered his supporters too much. Their tantrums are going to destroy the Democratic party.” This message will be accompanied by unsavory stories of “violent protests” and “angry delegates.”

Don’t fall for any of it. People have been mad as hell for a long, long time. Bernie didn’t fuel their anger, he gave voice to it. Bernie isn’t making them leave the party, nominating Hillary is. Sanders’ campaign didn’t create this monster – student debt, joblessness, unjust wars, and the global threat of climate change did.

When Berniecrats take a step back and ask themselves why the Democratic Party would NOT want to unite behind a candidate that is able to get tens of thousands of people out to rallies, who can get folks to willingly donate millions of dollars, and can get young people enthusiastic about government, especially when the other choice is disliked by a majority of people and mired in scandal, the ONLY logical conclusion to reach is because Democrats do not want these things to happen. They do not want to bring people together. They do not want people to understand that there is great strength in solidarity. And they do not want young people to become engaged in the political process.

With that as a logical conclusion, the false narratives being spun about his supporters by the media have only added to the growing rift. Not only aren’t his supporters being heard, but they’ve been openly lied about by the media and even the DNC.

There will be thousands of protesters in Philadelphia. Tens of thousands. Maybe more. As someone who’s been a part of this movement early on: going to rallies, volunteering, donating, speaking with hundreds of supporters, attending the People’s Summit, I can tell you that it is made up of some of the most thoughtful, generous, and caring people from every corner the country.

Folks who are going to Philly are not going there to riot. They’re not going there to be pepper-sprayed or thrown in jail. They are going there because they care about the country and the future of this world. They care about our schools and our waters. They care about the environment and sustainable energy. They care about medical bills and fair wages. They care about police brutality and the unfair treatment of people of color. They care about a broken criminal justice system that imprisons folks on Main Street but bails out the crooks on Wall Street. They care about what happens to refugees that our wars have helped create and the millions of people we’ve turned our backs on. They care about our disastrous foreign trade policies that have seen workers be exploited around the globe under the guise of free trade. They care about ridding our rigged political system from the toxic money that’s helping destroy our government.

These people aren’t going to Philadelphia solely for the purposes of the Democratic Convention. They are going there for a Democratic Intervention.

These people aren’t going to Philadelphia solely for the purposes of the Democratic Convention. They are going there for a Democratic Intervention. As John F. Kennedy once said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Let’s just hope Democratic leaders stop making it impossible for these people’s voices to be heard.

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