Watch: Larry Sanders Nominates Bernie Sanders at the Dem Convention.

A moment to remember.

Larry Sanders proudly nominated his brother today. It was a beautiful moment that stirred up all of those wonderful feelings we’ve all shared for this great man. Although I disagree with him on his endorsement of Hillary, nothing can take away what this man has done for us over the past year. Nor can it overshadow his many years of service to this country. Bernie is family.

Watch and remember the importance of love in the continued revolution. And a warning, tissues may be a necessity while watching this video. : ) Fight on brothers and sisters! #DemExitIsUnity


North East

North East is a self described Bernie enthusiast. Loves his wife and children, music, and honest conversation about real issues. When he's not dreaming up new creative explorations, he is working on them while enjoying what life has to offer.

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