WATCH: Bernie Sanders Not Worried About Superdelegates

Certainly one of the hottest topics on the internet following Bernie Sanders’ legendary victory in New Hampshire was and still is the superdelegate count. Mainstream media took it upon themselves to award Hillary Clinton the superdelegates in New Hampshire, even though the superdelegates don’t officially vote until the Democratic Convention later this year. In fact, no one has been officially awarded anything other than pledged delegates, the delegates that were won as a result of the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary.

It is understood that Clinton has the support of most of the political insiders and superdelegates are definitely that but when the man himself isn’t worried about the superdelegates, why should we be? To be clear, I’m not and I doubt Bernie is saying to not pay attention to this vital part of the process, it’s a great thing that the establishment knows we are watching. But any message that says we can’t win because the system is rigged, is doomed from the start. You simply are NOT going to get more people involved in the political process by telling them your candidate of choice has no chance of winning because of a rigged system.

We are all for spreading the word and putting the establishment on notice and you can do that by signing Robert Reich’s petition: Bernie or Hillary? Let the voters decide — not superdelegates

Bernie tackles the issue in the video below (you can skip to 5:16 for the superdelegate segment) where you’ll hear Sanders discuss it on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that aired February 14, 2016. He states that as this campaign keeps building momentum, the superdelegates will start coming over to his side. And based on the history of superdelegates, he’s right, in fact during the interview he said he recently has talked to a few superdelegates about that very thing. Surely they won’t all change sides but enough of them will and this will become another non-issue, blown completely out of proportion by the media.

Also, to clear up a line of reasoning that I’ve seen more than a few times on the Bernie Sanders themed social media sites. Some people have suggested that perhaps Sanders and his camp don’t really understand the superdelegate system. Here’s a video from 2008 that should clear that up. It’s Bernie’s Senior Adviser Tad Devine talking about superdelegates, who by the way, is one of the creators of the superdelegate system. Relax, Bernie’s camp knows all about this process.

Final thought on this for now. Taking everything into consideration, maybe the media actually helped Sanders in regards to the superdelegate “crisis”. They brought a lot of visibility to the situation and while their aim could have been to curb some of the enthusiasm behind the Sanders campaign, it had the reverse effect. It’s reminiscent of the New Hampshire ballot crisis – remember that? They “suggested” he wouldn’t be on the ballot. The internet went crazy. Or how about the Data Breach? Headlines like “Sanders Campaign over before it starts” swirled around the internet. Once again the internet went crazy. Where are these stories now? One thing for sure though, the 24 hour news cycle is alive and well. The networks want blood, guts, fear and despair rather than the “feel good” story that the Sanders movement is.

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4 thoughts on “WATCH: Bernie Sanders Not Worried About Superdelegates

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    February 15, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Fantastic article and sharing on Bernie Sanders for Prez on facebook!

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    February 16, 2016 at 8:24 am

    DNC Chairwoman Debbie Shultz, was a Campaign Manager/Co-chair for Hillary Clinton’s presidential 2008 run. Her being involved in decision making in this election, is not a conflict of interest?…. Despite of him being subatoshed and unfair treatment given by Debbie Shultz to Bernie Sanders, He will prevail:). Because he is on a crusade for justice and fairness for all!
    President Bernie 2016:)!

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    February 18, 2016 at 4:51 am

    Alright, that funny guy calls him The Bern Notice and since Bernie really has been lighting a fire under Hillary’s ass these days, why not? After all, it makes perfect sense for me to think of Hillary as a Bern victim.

    Yes it’s true, I like having Bernie out there getting in Hillary’s face, but be careful with that Bernie, she’s very dangerous. I’m also glad old Joe isn’t out there bothering you Bernie, he reminds me of Cheney, and that guy gives me the creeps. Death will have that affect on people. No, it’s better watching you battle it out with Hillary alone Bernie, mano a mano, or in this case I suppose it would be mano a claw because of Hillary. Bernie, it’s like watching sweet little Dorothy battle the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s good versus evil, and you’re putting on a fabulous show for the nation Bernie.

    Let me tell you something Bernie, I like the fact that you aren’t a friend of Kissinger. You know you’re right about him Bernie, he’s bad juju. Well Bernie, does it surprise you that Hillary and Kissinger are fiends? Have you noticed Kissinger actually looks younger than he did fifty years ago? I’ll bet Hillary is dying to know his secret! Huh Bernie?

    I’ll tell you what’s going on here Bernie, I think Hillary has a crush on you. You can tell by the way she looks at you when you’re together on stage. You better turn that charm down a little bit Bern, you need to be careful with Hillary, she’s like a black widow spider…very dangerous. Bernie, it might be a good idea when you’re out there on the stage debating Hillary, to just act like you’re talking to a real person, and everything should be fine. I know you don’t like to pretend Bernie, but it’s for your own good. But whatever you do Bernie, don’t ever look directly at her face, or you will never get away. You’ve been warned Bernie.

    Don’t think that because you’re from the big city and Hillary is from out there in the backwoods of Arkansas somewhere that your tough-guy Brooklyn attitude is going to keep you safe Bernie, it’s not, she’s made of teflon. Hillary doesn’t give a whit about your bad-boy persona Bernie, so stay alert and keep your wits about you at all times. Bernie, you have to be a cagey possum when you’re dealing with her kind. And Bernie, never go out there on the stage with Hillary on a night when the moon is full, that’s not a good idea.

    I like the way you’ve been handling yourself in the presidential primaries so far Bernie. But you have to keep your guard up man, that witch was practicing magic in Iowa. You got screwed on that one Bernie and everyone knows it. Just ask the Donald, Ted did the same thing to him in Iowa. New Hampshire was a different story though wasn’t it Bernie? When you got done with Hillary, it looked like she was melting from the bucket of water you threw in her face. I’ll bet that felt good!

    Don’t get too full of yourself now Bernie, you still have a lot of work to do. You need to stay on the attack during the Nevada and the South Carolina primaries Bernie. Remember Bernie, you have to be a wild beast, that’s the only thing Hillary respects. I could repeat myself and say just ask the Donald, but you already know that don’t you Bernie.

    You know Bernie, we haven’t had a tough guy like you sitting in the big chair in the Oval Office since I don’t know when, maybe since Teddy Roosevelt. That was back when you were just a young whippersnapper Bernie, I’ll bet you remember…good times. So I just wanted you to know I’m kind of pulling for you Bernie. I enjoy it when you show Hillary who wears the pants around the Democratic Party platform, now if the Republicans candidates could only do the same.

    Bernie, did you know that the Donald scared Carly away by calling her names? Well, that’s not really what you would call dirty tricks and it was kind of amusing, so I say no harm, no foul. But since we’re speaking of dirty tricks Bernie, watch out for Hillary, she’s full of them. You can tell by looking at her eyes Bernie, it’s always in the eyes. But if you do look, make sure you use a mirror and only look at Hillary’s reflection. Otherwise, you could be risking the danger of spontaneous combustion.

    I guess I’m with that funny guy Bernie, because I can’t wait for Hillary to get her next Bern notice!

    Good night.


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