Watch: Elizabeth Warren Drops out of Presidential Race; She Should Endorse Bernie Sanders

Christo Aivalis breaks down what might happen should Warren decide to endorse Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

We have BREAKING news that Elizabeth Warren is suspending her campaign for President, following a series of disappointing Super Tuesday results, with no path to victory. While Warren has yet to make any decisions about endorsements, I think her best move is to endorse Bernie Sanders over Joe Biden, or staying neutral. Endorsing Bernie and working with him will be essential in building a progressive front to take on Biden’s centrist blob, and if Warren wants to implement her policies, she can only do so with Bernie Sanders as President and nominee.

As Bernie Sanders noted in an MSNBC interview with Rachel Maddow last night, he and Warren have disagreements, but broadly agree on some of the most important progressive policy issues. Will Warren endorse Bernie? We don’t know, but I hope she does.  


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