Watch Now: Bernie Sanders Preview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Senator and presidential candidate covered some tough topics, and even broke out a few dance moves!

Bernie -Ellen
Fresh off of what most of America says was a clean sweep of the Democratic Debate on Tuesday night in Las Vegas, Senator Bernie Sanders will pay a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday and hopefully get her to Feel The Bern. Don’t forget to include #BernieMeetsEllen in your posts about his appearance on her show. Get a sneak peek below and judging by the teaser she loves him:

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  1. Bernie Sanders has all the qualifications we must have in our next president: He is honest, humble, intelligent, experienced, and is an excellent communicator. Most importantly, Bernie promises to fight the corruption currently taking place within our government which will destroy our country if allowed to continue.

  2. darryl

    Ellen, you were way more open to Bernie than I expected.