Watch Now: Sanders – “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle”

It’s no secret that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has a “slight” distaste for mainstream media and their relentless pursuit of the “gotcha” headline. He recently sat down for a somewhat heated exchange with NBC’s Kristen Welker and he was having none of it and was not going to fall for the game.

He’d made a comment earlier in an interview with AP that the Democratic National Convention in July in Philadelphia could get a little messy. That of course was taken out of context and if you read the MSM articles that followed, you’d think he was calling for full-scale riots.

Welker asked him to expand on that statement, Sanders says, “The media often takes words out of context. The context of that was that democracy is messy. That people will have vigorous debate on the issues”.

When asked if he would support Clinton he made it clear that he is focused on winning every possible vote in the upcoming races and that any of that talk is extremely premature. He also said he is disappointed that Clinton reneged on the promised California debate but that he isn’t surprised.

His best line though:

“Well, I guess if we take your assumption and Clinton supporters assumption to the logical conclusion, you know what we should do? We should go back to a monarchy, and not have any elections at all,” said the fiery presidential candidate.

When asked during an AP interview whether or not the National Convention would be “messy” Sanders stated, “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle.”

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G.A. Casebeer

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