1. Naomi

    makes ya hmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Louise Podanoffsky

    Well, that is LOYALTY! She is probably one of the most famous of all people who went there and they go with Bernie??????

    • Bonnie Hong

      I hope that was your attempt at humor. These intelligent young women will give their vote and support to a candidate for reasons of policy, not because they graduate from the same school, or lived in the same town at one time, or has the same gender. Their loyalty is apparently first and foremost to the United States and their responsibility as an informed voter.

    • Corinne

      I didn’t know we were voting for a person because they are famous. I thought we vote for substanc.

      • Corinne


    • Minas

      It’s not a popularity contest, it’s a presidency.. If it was about popularity, Trump would get it anyway

    • I support Stein of the GP but understand why so many millennials support Sanders (they just don’t know Stein’s position, after all!) But loyalty? That implies that Clinton owns their vote. No. It has to be earned, whether it’s a fellow alumna, same gender, or even religion or ethnicity, if the candidate can’t show why someone should vote for him or her, or how that candidate represents their values or positions, then they don’t deserve that vote.

    • Senator Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader starting with kindness, honesty, humility, energy, authenticity, intelligence, experience, and he is passionate about helping all children succeed in this country, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations.

    • Nathan

      Well do you think the students at Princeton are going to vote for Ted Cruz? Oh hell no.

  3. Mat O'Keefe

    Thank you for your courage to speak out ladies. Love your support and endorsement of Bernie Sanders for Prez.