We Must Take the Democratic Party by Storm!

We can (and must) take the Democratic Party by storm!

Corporations are not people, right? Well, neither is the Democratic Party. It is a skeleton, a structure, a machine…a robot. And it does what it’s controllers want it to do. We must replace those controllers with honest men and women.

Bernie Sanders understands this and he needs you and me and everyone to understand also.

The Democratic Party is essential a “power structure” that must be reclaimed. Luckily, well over 50% of existing Democrats already love Bernie Sanders. They seek the hope that his platform offers. They are already our allies. Now, if we flood the party with new members (doubling its size), then Bernie Sanders supporters will have a Super Majority! That is what we need in order to clean house!

What is at stake? Nothing more than our very survival as we face environmental disaster, economic slavery, endless war and societal collapse. But, if you throw up your hands and leave the party “in disgust,” then you are leaving a very powerful robot in the hands of very dangerous people who will continue to destroy life earth.

That said, when you JOIN the Democratic Party, you are NOT approving its current state of affairs. Obviously not! You are showing up so that you can begin to FIX what’s wrong. Now, take a moment to imagine what would happen if ALL Bernie Supporters did this? (no really…take a minute…) Now, as you begin to see the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel (and because we all need all of us), won’t you please:

Go to your local Democratic District Meeting
  • Run for PCO (this way, you can vote for the Executive Council!)
  • Watch
  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Organize
  • Collaborate
  • Find Bernie Allies
  • Better Yet — Bring Bernie Allies!
  • Volunteer as Chair of an influential Committee
  • And Rally to eliminate Super Delegate Influence! (Maine already did this…now it’s your turn!)

March Elizabeth Twisdale

March Twisdale and her family live on Vashon Island, near Seattle, where freakishly-hot, California weather is drying out the rainforests of Washington State. An activist since her teens, March Twisdale's life revolves around Betterment Projects. She is especially proud to be the producer and host of Prose, Poetry & Purpose, where guest authors share their hope to inspire positive social change...one reader, and one listener, at a time. Listen locally on 101.9 FM KVSH or catch PP&P on-line at: voiceofvashon.org/prose-poetry-and-purpose. Previous projects include her month-long Occupy Montage Exhibit, Teens In The Fields (a youth-run business), and Community Conversations (a monthly column that dives deeply into complicated issues). Then, in May of 2015, Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy! After a year of living, breathing, drinking, and participating in our Political (R)Evolution, it is more clear than ever that WE MUST BE THE MEDIA. Therefore, March is headed to Philadelphia! Watch here for her "on the ground" daily reports from the Democratic National Convention! Why? Because we cannot fail to secure the Democratic Presidential Nomination for Bernie Sanders. We must succeed. It's that simple. #2016Matters

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