WFSE/AFSCME Endorses Sanders for Democratic Nomination for President

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The Executive Board of the Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME Council 28 on Sunday (Jan. 10) adopted a motion to endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) for the nomination of the Democratic Party for U.S. president.

The national union, AFSCME, endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in October but grassroots support for Sanders has always been high amongst Federation members and Sunday’s action reflects the homegrown perspectives.

Sanders, Clinton and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley all actively sought the national endorsement. Both the national AFSCME endorsement of Clinton and the Federation’s endorsement of Sanders show a commitment to the future, not fear, distortion or demagoguery.

That said, the Federation board’s endorsement of Sanders has a timely and practical effect. The presidential nomination process, like the presidential election itself that still relies on the state-by-state Electoral College system, is a state-by-state process. So national polling numbers are only a snapshot in time and discount the reality that candidates are competing in a series of state-by-state contests spread over several months. A candidate ahead in the national polls now may not be in a few weeks if he or she stumbles in one of the early caucus or primary states.

The Federation board’s action recognizes that reality. It’s a recommendation to members who will participate in the Democratic Precinct Caucuses in Washington state on March 26 and the Washington state Democratic Presidential Primary on May 24 to support Sanders.

What if you don’t support Sanders? The Federation’s members through their elected leaders make informed recommendations for candidates. But whom you support is your decision. That’s why this union also encourages all members to take part in the presidential nomination process – and in this state that means going to a precinct caucus of either party and voting.

7 thoughts on “WFSE/AFSCME Endorses Sanders for Democratic Nomination for President

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    January 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    I hope you win Bernie

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    January 15, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Give em hell Bernie — This political revolution brought me back into the political process with new hope and a fresh set of eyes. #FeelTheBern!

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    January 15, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Bernie Sanders is the best representive for union workers and our rights

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    January 16, 2016 at 1:06 am

    Senator Bernie Sanders is the most intelligent candidate running for president. He has over 30 years experience in fighting for ordinary working Americans. Bernie is also the most honest and authentic candidate. His health care plan is predicted to save each American $1200 a year plus in insurance and pharmaceutical drugs savings. Bernie received the highest congressional award in his fight for veterans from the VFW. Check out Bernie’s record on you tube. Democratic (by the people Socialist (for the people) has nothing to do with socialism or communism so don’t be spooked. This country was built by socialist programs such as public schools, military, social security etc. Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

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    January 16, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    They didn’t reverse their endorsement of Clinton as one of the Reddit comments above indicates. The National Branch endorsed Clinton but the Washington State branch endorses Sanders. The article clearly states that if you read it. Go Bernie!!

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    January 16, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    “Walmart workers protested at Hillary’s presidential campaign headquarters in Brooklyn — calling on her to address Walmart’s low pay and noting her longstanding ties to the company (where she was a board member from 1986 to 1992). While Hillary supports a $12 per hour minimum wage, she doesn’t support a $15 minimum. She says a $15 minimum would be too high in rural areas of the country. Yet if the 1968 minimum wage were adjusted both for inflation and for productivity gains by American workers, it would be at least $15 today. And the only way to guarantee that every full-time working American earns enough to get himself or herself, along with two kids, out of poverty is through a $15 an hour minimum. A $15 national minimum is unlikely to happen soon, and it has no chance in a Republican congress, but I think it a worthy and important goal.” – Robert Reich

    Hillary’s Top Contributors: Morgan Stanley $636,564, Lehman Brothers $362,853, JPMorgan Chase $696,456, Goldman Sachs $760,740, Credit Suisse $318,120, Citigroup $824,402 Hillary opposes reinstating Glass-Steagall. She is supported and funded by the 5 Big Wall Street Banks, the Private Prison Industry and Monsanto. She refuses to demand GMO Labeling. She was adamantly opposed to LGBT rights. Now she claims to be for it. She promoted Fracking while she was Secretary of State. She is also supported by the big Stock Brokerage Houses on Wall Street including Goldman Sachs. She is personally invested in Keystone XL Pipeline. She pushed for TPP and referred to it as the ”Gold Standard” many times. Hillary Clinton has a very long history of being a Warmongering Hawk. She does not support a $15 minimum wage. She opposes re-establishing the Glass-Steagall Act. She is FOR the Death Penalty and Prisons for Profit. She is against Free College Education. The choice is between a Corporate sponsored candidate and an Honest man. Bernie is a man of Integrity who has fought for the Middle Class, Labor, Civil Rights and Veterans his entire political career. He has a demonstrated a profound, consistent MORAL CONVICTION to do what is right by We the People! No super PACs, no secret donors writing checks for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, no free rides in corporate jets. But it goes beyond just the money. It’s about who he is.
    Hillary was adamantly against Gay marriage as late as 2004. Bernie, in 1985, as Mayor of Burlington set aside a day to be known as “Gay Pride Day.”
    Hillary has received millions from Wall Street. Bernie’s top donors are Labor Unions, Teacher Unions, and has over TWO MILLION individual contributions averaging $28.
    Hillary was a supporter of the Iraq War. Bernie was completely against the war and repeatedly called out Bush for his deliberate misinformation
    Hillary is against bringing back Glass Steagall Act. Bernie wants to bring back Glass Steagall.
    Hillary participated in Republican campaigns for years. Bernie has always been an independent and has always caucused with Democrats.
    Bernie marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and was arrested for protesting segregation. Hillary campaigned for Barry Goldwater.
    Hillary is against a $15 minimum wage. Ever since he became a United States Senator, Bernie has made it one of his top goals to get a $15 minimum wage.
    Hillary wants to “loosen” Marijuana penalties. Bernie wants to completely abolish the Federal prohibition of Marijuana.
    Hillary has, on multiple occasions, called the TPP “The Gold Standard.” Bernie has been against it since it was introduced.
    He has over 30 years of experience fighting for working Americans. Bernie is also the most honest and authentic candidate. His health care plan is predicted to save each American $1200 a year plus in insurance and pharmaceutical drugs savings. Bernie received the highest congressional award in his fight for veterans from the VFW.

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    January 16, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    Hillary Clinton has stated that being president is about “Hard Choices”. She’s right…but most of her “Hard Choices”, by her own admission, have been wrong.
    She strongly supported the Defense of Marriage Act and has since said that choice was wrong. Bernie always opposed it and has always supported the rights of gay people.
    She supported George W. Bush’s Iraq war. She has since said that choice was wrong. Bernie opposed it and has stated that he will, absolutely, defend the United States but that war should always be the last option.
    She supported the TPP trade deal many times and now says she opposes it. Bernie has always opposed NAFTA and the TPP.
    Hillary supported the Keystone pipeline even when President Obama vetoed. She has since changed her mind. Bernie opposed it from the beginning.
    When you are President you don’t get a second chance. Fatal decisions send young American soldiers to war and often, disastrously, change the course of events and destabilize the world.
    Our choice isn’t a “Hard Choice” at all. We can vote for the leader who has made the right choices throughout his career.

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