What The Hell is Happening at the Clark County Nevada Convention?

For the last few days, there has been some information being spread over the internet that some of the Hillary-Supporting Democrats in Clark County Nevada were doing their best to keep Bernie Sanders supporters from showing up to this Saturday’s Convention. Try to follow along, you might need to grab a seat.

It starts off like this. This misleading email was sent out to folks that had originally been elected as delegates at the Democratic Caucuses on February 20.



As it turns out, that email was wrong and was sent out by a Hillary supporter hoping to get people to show up a day early in what looks like another clear attempt at voter suppression.

According to souces, Nevada Dems conveniently lost 20% of delegate paperwork, largely Sanders supporters, and is telling people if they go to the preregistration at Hillary local headquarters on Friday night (SEIU) that they don’t have to go to the real county convention on Saturday. That information was wrong.

Here’s the email that came next, which had the correct information:


Seems easy enough right? Show up and do the job you were there to do in a Democratic way and then go on about your day. As we’ve seen this year in this election cycle, that’s not how it is going to work.

Here’s what the crowd looked like that showed up this morning:

Photo courtesy of Anna McCann
Photo courtesy of Anna McCann

As of now there is a rumor floating around that delegates for Sanders are being arrested for not switching to Hillary. We have been in touch with someone at the convention all day and have heard of no arrests, although we have been informed that there were some threatened arrests. Here’s what we know about that:

Bernie Sander’s campaign manager made this statement via Twitter early Saturday morning and the eyewitness reports seem to confirm this.

Also according to our sources, two women were removed this morning after calling out changes to forms by HRC supporters on the credentials team. They were threatened with arrest and legal action and claimed they were being guilted about uniting the party. They were told they must leave when they were removed from the credentials team, and they refused and protested by sitting on the floor. There are some other rumors floating around concerning the removed credentials team but we’re going to stay out of that for now. What we do know is they appear to have been removed for standing up for Democracy and they should be applauded for that.   

Also, at one point during the day a  Bernie Sanders supporter that paid to speak took to the stage but the DNC cut power to the mic. The entire room began chanting “let him speak.” After several minutes, the supporters were told if they sit down and shut up, then he’d be allowed to speak.  https://www.facebook.com/TheBernReport/videos/259574021044354 So from what we know right now, no one has been arrested……yet!  Stay tuned….we’ll update this article as more information becomes available.   

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