1. Jake

    Bernie Sanders won the debate hands down!!!!! He beat Hillary fair and square!

  2. Angela D

    Bernie Sanders!

  3. Kapena


  4. Ruth Huffman

    Bernie Sanders won the debate! Hands down!

  5. Matthew Oliver

    Go Bernie

  6. Bruce McIntyre

    Bernie hit it outta the park! HRC was a close second.

    But ANY of ’em on that stage was better than ANY of the GOP wanna bees.

  7. Tina Rufo

    Bernie was confident in his answers without being rude. He was insistent about sticking to the issues instead of ” the damn emails”. He addressed many of the concerns that Americans have like income inequality, healthcare for all, climate change, college education for all, and financing those programs.

  8. Cheri

    Bernie won!

  9. Bernie Sanders won! Go Bernie! Feel the Bern!

  10. Cheryl

    America will loveBernie!

  11. Amj

    Go Bernie!

    • Janina

      Bernie Sanders won this debate from beginning to end.He spoke with the voice of the people and he will have the vote of our young generation,eager for a change in our Goverment once and for all.

  12. Judy Schneider


    Great as always. Such as intuitive person. Never wavers from his convictions. A real person,

  13. Mary

    Bernie hands down and he was gracious to Hillary in the process.