Why Bernie Sanders Will Win This Election

Bernie Sanders has gained much momentum in the past few months of his campaign. The reason for that is because his “message is resonating with the American people,” which he said in numerous interviews and statements himself.

However, there are many people who think that Bernie Sanders is not electable. Though they do say that he has similar views to them. Those people must understand that he is actually electable and here are my reasons why he is electable and can and will win this election.

He beat the wealthiest man in Vermont in 2006

So you don’t think he is electable? Well guess again. In the 2006 Vermont Senatorial Election, Sanders ran as an independent to become the next United States Senator for Vermont. Just like in may other elections people didn’t believe he would win. However, he ran against Robert Tarrant, who is a business man and is said to be the most wealthiest man in Vermont, and still won.

In the 2006 elections, Sanders crushed Tarrant. Despite being outspent by Tarrant (Open Secrets) Sanders still won 65 percent of the vote while his republican opponent received 33 percent.

Republicans like and respect Sanders

In a webcast by Kyle Kulinski on Secular Talk Kulinski pointed out a shocking response in an interview with Ted Cruz (R-TX) who is running for the GOP nomination stated that he respects Bernie and is open and honest about his positions. Take a look at Kulinski’s reflection and Cruz’s remarks:

Bernie is gaining momentum in the polls.

At the beginning of his campaign people did not know who Bernie Sanders is. No many people, and I will admit myself included, did not know who this 73-year-old man was until his message began to resonate with the American people. If you look at this Poll from the Huffington Post, Bernie has surpassed Hillary Clinton dramatically in New Hampshire.

He is gaining support from younger voters.

In Politics younger voters are said to have little to no interest in voting. I as a young person know through most of my peers. However, with Sanders’ message, many young people, including my friends are getting interested in the campaign and politics. He is even gaining support from folks who are not interested in politics outside of the millennial generation as well.

So these are just a few reasons why I think Bernie Sanders will and can win this election and why he if you think there are some that I have missed or should add, comment your thoughts!

Carlos McKnight

Carlos McKnight is a freshman at Daemen College in Buffalo NY. Carlos is from Washington DC and is an advocate of social justice and promoting equality.

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  • September 2, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    I think the campaign needs to reach more college students. They do not vote because they don’t believe it matters.

  • September 3, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Well there is a group called College Students for Bernie that I am apart of.

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