Will Eminem Endorse Bernie Sanders After Hearing This Version of ‘Without Me’?

One thing’s for sure. Bernie Sanders doesn’t need a marketing department. Eminem could soon enough “Feel the Bern” after watching this rendition of his popular rap song, “Without Me?”

With all the shots being fired back and forth between the two Democratic candidates we felt like we wanted to lighten the mood a little bit.

YouTube Parody Artist “Keith Rubino” produced this video to entertainingly bring Bernie Sanders name recognition. And it’s working! On Facebook alone where Rubino first released the video with Moderates for Bernie just a few days ago, the video has already garnered over 170,000 views, thousands of shares, and 10,000 likes. And it’s not just Bernie folks who like his work. Republicans, Independents, and people who like Hillary all say it’s a “pretty great video” despite their lack of “feeling the bern.”

In this video, Rubino puts together original lyrics about how “The DNC won’t let him be, and don’t want Bernie to be the Nominee,” and “I heard from a little blue birdie, that the dems will lose without Bernie.”

Watch the video HERE

Rubino says he just enjoys making parodies for Bernie, because he knows how much people love the dude, and he wants to help bring about that name recognition. He’s also done parodies of Green Day, All American Rejects, and even Queen. All Available on his YouTube Channel “Keith52yo.” But so far, his Eminem songs have been the most popular.

When asked if he’d do another Eminem song because of their popularity he said, “God No. I have had enough of Eminem. I love the dude’s talent, but I can’t bring myself to become a one-artist Parodist. When asked what he’d like to do next he said, “I’m still wondering if I want to do a 90’s “boy band” song from N-Sync or Backstreet Boys. Or if I want to actually do a mainstream song that’s currently hot as hell on the radio for millennial appeal.”

Whatever Rubino does, we’re sure it’s going to be insanely popular among Bernie folks. We just wonder if this video will be popular enough to gain the attention of Eminem. And more importantly, will he Feel The Bern?

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