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Will You Vote For Hillary? Poll On MSNBC Shows 84 Percent Won’t

Okay, sure we know what the “national” polls say. The 300 dyed-in-the-wool Democrats who XYZ polling company continue to call on landline telephones keep on saying Hillary Clinton is their gal. Funny thing though, the ONLY place on planet earth where Hillary Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders are –  A) In the hearts and minds of the political pundits and B) In the landline driven “national” polls. He literally leads her everywhere else.

MSNBC has a “user-generated poll” up on their site right now begging the question, “Will You Vote For Hillary? And with 120,000 votes counted so far, 84 percent say Clinton won’t get their vote.

I can almost hear the cries of the trolls now, “THIS IS A USER-GENERATED POLL!!!!!” With that, we’d be quick to snap back with “Yeah but Daniel Berger used to be the Community Editor for MSNBC, so no it’s not really a user-generated poll. View the poll HERE

We made one on MSNBC and it is definitely a user-generated poll. But still if you want to vote for Bernie Sanders, do it HERE.

MSNBC Poll Clinton No


  1. HELL NO I WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aaron Alderman

    I will never vote for Hillary. Ever ever ever. Even if that means a republican wins. It’s Bernie or bust. #FeelTheBern

    • admin

      She will not get my vote. I’m focused solely on helping Bernie right now and I feel that if we can get people out to caucus and/or vote in the primaries we can win this in a landslide.

  3. Monsanto and Hillary should not get the nomination, she is a republican in a blue pantsuit. #useYourVote #givepeaceachance

    • admin

      With you 100%

  4. Clinton disgusts me.

  5. Billy

    The purpose of skewing the polls in Hillary’s favor. Is to make seem as if donating money to Bernie is a waste of time. To hopefully cuts his funds. So that he has to drop out. All it is doing to me is making sure that I will never vote for the corporate crone.