Writers Wanted For The Bern Report

We are currently looking for more volunteer writers for The Bern Report. The Bern Report is a totally un-monetized website. No ads are being sold or will be sold. We are not selling T-Shirts or stickers. We are not asking for donations. We are funded solely through our own contributions.

We are looking for Bernie News articles and also opinion pieces that come from your unique perspective. Read some of our content to get an idea on the type of content that would work on the site but it won’t be just limited to that. We are open to all your ideas.

Staying true to Bernie’s campaign we are not out to slam or bash the other candidates but truthful articles that are backed up by legitimate research are always welcome.

If this interests you then fill out the form and let’s get you on board! #FeelTheBern¬†and then connect with us on Facebook¬†HERE

One thought on “Writers Wanted For The Bern Report

  • September 8, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    Age 72. Liberal Democrat from voting age. If I (were} you, I would be your man. Momma (didn’t) raise (no) fool.

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