Your wait for a Bernie Sanders for President theme song is over

If you’ve been schlepping away, fighting the good fight to do everything you can to help Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders grab that party nomination, you know there has been one thing missing. That’s right, a catchy theme song. Well that wait is now over. Even though the song has been out for a little bit, it’s starting to get some wheels underneath it.

Every good revolution needs a theme song. Way back in the late-1980s it was the Scorpions crooning “Winds of Change” as those very same winds crept across Eastern Germany, felling a wall and united a nation.

Going even further back, the American hippie movement of the late 1960s seemed to have a new theme song poking-fun and thumbing noses at The Man.

Now, the Bernie Sanders for President revolution has a tune to call it’s very own and it’s poised to go viral.

And it’s called “Fire Is Ours”

According to, the artist responsible for the tune, singer/songwriter Makana – an Hawaiian native – recently spoke with Fox News.

Makana said he started backing Sanders this past year, finding a message that “resonated” with him. In fact, Makana was so inspired he sprung $11,000 of his own cash to record the song and accompanying video.

“Well, actually, you know, more than just an endorsement of Bernie, it’s a commentary that was fueled and inspired by my, really, my disgust with main stream news, and how they tend to fuel division and distract from the issues that I feel are important. So, as an artist, I don’t really consider it getting “involved in Politics” so much as creating art that is relevent.”

For more on Makana visit him here.


Shawn Skager

For twenty years I've been reporting what my corporate overlords told me. Now I'm free to write for you, for me and for a better country for my children. After a lifetime of watching career politicians greedily consume everything within arms reach I have now seen change in the form of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. His message resonates with me and I feel most Americans would embrace it if they knew more about him and his policies. That isn't going to happen through mainstream media. That's why independent media like The Bern Report was born. To get the world out, unfiltered by our corporate masters. Because we have none. I'm looking forward to this new journey and hope the country is ready and willing to embrace true change.

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