IfNotNow Endorses Bernie Sanders For President


IfNotNow, a 35,000-member movement within the American Jewish community focused on bringing peace to the Middle East, today endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for president. 

“IfNotNow is building an inspiring movement of young Jews working to promote peace in the Middle East,” said Senator Sanders. “They know, as I do, that the United States must play a major role in bringing people together to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories and build a future of security, dignity, and equality for all Israelis and Palestinians. As a strong supporter of Israel who also believes its people have the right to exist in peace and security through a two-state solution, I am proud to have their endorsement.”

If elected, Sen. Sanders would be both the first Jewish president in American history and the first president to have lived in Israel. His presidency would strengthen both domestic and international efforts to combat Antisemitism and promote peace in the Middle East. 


“This fight is not over. As a movement of young Jews fighting for freedom and dignity for all, we are proud to be the first Jewish organization to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President,” said Dani Moscovitch, Co-Founder and Campaign Director. “We are inspired and moved to action by Bernie and the #NotMeUs movement, which deeply embodies the Jewish call to pursue justice and repair our broken world. As much of the American Jewish and political establishments are uniting to stop his campaign and protect the status quo, we are called to get off the sidelines. Like us, Bernie rejects the false choice between being a proud Jew and supporting Palestinian freedom. He has embraced the common sense position that the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian people should end — and that our tax dollars should stop funding it. As the right weaponizes antisemitism to keep Americans divided and keep power in the hands of the few, we trust Bernie to lead us towards a future where everyone has what they need to thrive — by fighting racism and antisemitism and fighting for Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.”

IfNotNow Movement is a movement led by young American Jews organizing every day to expose the occupation of Palestine as a moral crisis to the Jewish community, end the weaponization of antisemitism in the political debate over Israel, and create political space for leaders to stand up for the freedom and dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians. 

The organization has 18 chapters in cities and on college campuses around the country and will be talking to American Jews and Democratic voters about the issues that matter this election cycle.

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