Poll finds Americans still don’t trust Hillary Clinton

By C-SPAN [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By C-SPAN [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
American voters continue to have trouble believing Hillary Clinton speaks the truth, according to a May 6 update to a rolling poll conducted by Reuters.

The poll concluded that 59.1 percent of those polled¬†disagreed when asked whether they “…agree or disagree that Hillary Clinton…is honest and truthful?”

Of those 1,544 respondents, 21.7 percent agreed that Clinton was honest and truthful with 19.2 percent going with unsure/don’t know.

No surprise is the distrust with those who identified themselves as Republicans, with 87.2 percent finding her dishonest. Just 6.6 percent of Republicans polled found her trustworthy, with 6.2 percent answering unsure/don’t know.

Among her own party, Clinton polls better with 37.8 percent disagreeing that she is honest and truthful and 35.9 percent agreeing and 26.3 percent undecided.

Independents also had a hard time putting their trust in Clinton with 67 percent not likely to find her truthful or honest and 17 percent agreeing that she is trustworthy. Another 17 percent answered unsure/don’t know.

According to Reuters, the poll collects data “primarily from online surveys using sampling methods developed in consultation with several outside experts. These involve recruiting respondents from the entire population of US-based Internet users in addition to hundreds of thousands of individuals pre-screened by Ipsos. The responses are then weighted based on demographic information.”


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