Support for Sanders swells in Oregon prior to primary

Bernie5315Senator Bernie Sanders’ fight for the Democratic nomination will be aided by the addition of 100,900 new voters and 84,800 voters switching to Democrat, all in order to vote in the Oregon Primary on May 17.

According to the Associated Press more than 110,000 already registered voters chose to change their party status, the most ever in an Oregon election.

Of those switching, more than 84,800 are independents who switched to Democrat before the April 26 deadline, presumably to have a say in the Democratic primary, which is closed to all but party members.

Jim Moore, professor and director of the Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation at Pacific University, said most of those will likely lean toward Oregon’s “Bernie-mania” electorate.

In addition to the registration changes, Oregon also boasts more than 100,900 new voters added to the rolls, up 42 percent from the same time in 2008.

At stake on May 17 in Oregon will be 74 total delegates, 61 pledged and thirteen super delegates.

Sanders trails Clinton by 290 pledged delegates, 1414-1704, with 933 pledged candidates left up for grabs in 13 remaining primaries.

A candidate needs 2,383 delegates out of 4,765 (4,051 pledged 714 unpledged – or super delegates) to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Currently seven of the state’s super delegates have aligned, with: Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Suzanne Bonamici and Kurt Schrader; DNC member Ellen Rosenblum; Senator Ron Wyden; and Governor Kate Brown all backing Clinton.

Senator Jeff Merkley has aligned with Sanders.

Undecided are Rep. Peter DeFazio and DNC members: Frank Dixon; Lupita Maurer; Karen Packer; and Larry Taylor.


Shawn Skager

For twenty years I've been reporting what my corporate overlords told me. Now I'm free to write for you, for me and for a better country for my children. After a lifetime of watching career politicians greedily consume everything within arms reach I have now seen change in the form of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. His message resonates with me and I feel most Americans would embrace it if they knew more about him and his policies. That isn't going to happen through mainstream media. That's why independent media like The Bern Report was born. To get the world out, unfiltered by our corporate masters. Because we have none. I'm looking forward to this new journey and hope the country is ready and willing to embrace true change.

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