Bernie Sanders Voters In California Need To Check Their Registrations

Photo by Jandy Stone via
Photo by Jandy Stone via

Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s lead in California has shrunk to two points according to a Fox poll that came out on Friday night. Bernie Sanders’ popularity continues to grow in California and has plenty of time to gain even more. Their primary is not until June 7, 2016. Hillary Clinton has 48 percent of those polled, while the survey found 46 percent favor Bernie Sanders

The California primaries, with 475 Democratic delegates and 172 Republicans by congressional district, will close out the primary season.

However, there is a potential voting problem. Up to 500,000 voters may not be eligible to vote in their primary. But… there is still time to fix the problem if voters act now! They need to check their registration and correct it, if they find a problem.

In California, many people have mistaken the American Independent Party for what they thought was “independent” or “no party affiliation.” It seems many voters have erroneously registered for the wrong party.

According to the LA Times, the American Independent Party is the largest minor party in California. Voter registration rolls show nearly 500,000 people have registered for the party, but many Independent voters checked their box by mistake. AIP is an ultra-conservative party that is anti-choice, anti-LGBT rights, and is supports Donald Trump’s “wall” on the United States/Mexican border.

There is some good news, however. There is still time for wrongly registered voters to change their registration, before the June 7 primary in California. Voters have until May 23 to have their registration corrected. In California, on the Democratic side, voters who are registered as Democrats can vote in their primaries, but people registered as “no party preference” can also vote for Democratic nominees.

California voters, please check your registration. You can only be registered as Democrat or “no party preference” if you want to vote in the Democratic June 7 primary.


Keith D. Foote

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    April 24, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    I’m so glad you wrote this article. I put up an article from regarding this potential problem on Facebook and Twitter (Bernie’s page) I am disabled and didn’t know how to get everyone’s attention – it is good to have information going out to everyone in California. We are going to WIN; no doubt at all.
    Thank you again, Audieb

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