Sanders and Clinton Meet, But There is No Endorsement

In a much-anticipated meeting, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his Democratic rival got together for the first time since she was labeled as the “presumptive nominee” by the Associated Press the night before California and five other states voted.

The two met for a roughly 90-minute chat at the Capital Hilton near the White House in Washington D.C. after Clinton had won the DC primary.

While both sides stated that the meeting went well, Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said there are still a variety of issues where they are “seeking common ground,” on matters like raising the minimum wage, campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, and more affordable college tuition.

“Sanders and Clinton agreed to continue working to develop a progressive agenda that addresses the needs of working families and the middle class and adopting a progressive platform for the Democratic National Convention,” Briggs said in the statement.

Earlier today Sanders held a press conference and made it clear he is not going to drop out of the race and endorse Clinton and this meeting didn’t change that.

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