Affluency? Mrs. Clinton Is Taking Bribes- Over $150,000 From The Oil Industry


Photo by Rutgers Council on Public and International Affairs via
Photo by Rutgers Council on Public and International Affairs via

(Note- I’ve begun using the title “Mrs.” because Hillary Clinton’s husband is now campaigning for her.)

The Center for Responsive Politics reports Hillary Clinton, has received over $150,000 from oil and gas representatives during the her run for the presidency. This does not count monies they’ve donated earlier to the Clinton Foundation. Mrs. Clinton claims she is unaware she received campaign contributions from the oil industry. (There is no way of knowing how much the oil industry has actually donated.) According to the Huffington Post, Mrs. Clinton’s “biggest” campaign bundlers are oil industry lobbyists, which include lobbyists for Chevron. The obvious question is, “How could she “not” know? Are we to believe her lobbyist friends are not telling her where the money is coming from?”

When asked by an audience member if she would follow the examples of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, in rejecting oil industry donations, Mrs. Clinton said,

“Well, I don’t know that I ever have (accepted money from the oil industry). I’m not exactly one of their favorites.” When pressed she added, “Have I? Okay, well, I’ll check on that. They certainly haven’t made that much of an impression on me if I don’t even know it.” (One wonders how much it would take to impress Mrs. Clinton.)

Mrs. Clinton’s connections with oil industry donors has raised some questions about her commitment to past environmental policies. One of her top donation organizers is Gordon Giffin, a former lobbyist for TransCanada, the company that spent years pressuring the United States to build the Keystone XL pipeline. Mr. Giffin is on the board of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, a pipeline investor who paid Mrs. Clinton $990,000 (almost a million) for speeches in the months before she announced her presidential run. Hillary Clinton refused to take a position on the pipeline for months, then announced her opposition to the deal in late September, when the pipeline was no longer economically feasible.

Mrs. Clinton has collected $47.5 million in donations, more than any other candidate.

Mrs. Clinton seems to prefer large donations from corporations and the wealthy. Large donations are typically made to her super PAC, Correct the Record, which she has turned into a giant bank account, and which currently focuses on attacks on Bernie Sanders. (Technically, Mrs. Clinton should have no communications with Correct the Record, but she has decided to ignore this law, because she can. She’s wealthy, she has contacts, and the DNC has decided to support her in this manipulation tactic. What was that term… affluency!)

Mrs. Clinton has historically provided favors to her major donors, dating back to the time she served as a senator and had the authority to influence legislation and earmark federal funding. For example, when Mrs. Clinton was New York’s junior senator, she helped a donor to the Clinton Foundation use tax-exempt bonds to build a shopping center in Syracuse, New York. She also helped out Freddie Mac with legislation, with Freddie Mac donating $50,000 to $100,000 to her husband’s charity. Mrs. Clinton also used her authority as a senator to help persuade the Chinese government to reduce tariffs on Corning Inc.’s fiber optic products. Corning, Inc’s staff and executives have contributed literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to her various campaigns.

Analysts on political money have said the pattern of Mrs. Clinton’s intervention on behalf of donors to her husband’s charity raise troubling ethical questions.

Bill Allison, of the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group, said,

“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.”

Mrs. Clinton has evolved into one of those people who feel they are above the law. She has the money, and the connections, needed to ignore those pesky little details called laws. Affluency!


Keith D. Foote

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