Alaskan Democrats call for end of super delegates

The Alaskan Democratic party closed out its annual convention Sunday with a resolution to end the use of super delegates in the Democratic National Committee’s presidential candidate nomination process.

KTVA television said the states’ Democratic party passed the resolution on the final day of the three-day convention in Fairbanks.

The state’s 20 delegates to this July’s national convention in Philadelphia are divided between 16 proportionately pledged delegates – with 16 representing Sanders and three for Hillary Clinton – and four super delegates who are free to choose any of the candidates.

Two of the four Alaskan super delegates have already declared their loyalty, with Kim Metcalfe of the DNC supporting Clinton, and Larry Murakami – the vice chair of the state Democratic party – backing Sanders.

Super delegates Ian Olson and Casey Steinau, both DNC members, are undeclared.

“This year especially, we’ve seen a lot of concern about super delegates and the weight they’re given in the party. And some people would really like the delegation to reflect the will and the vote of the people,” said Jake Hamburg, the communications director for the Alaska Democratic Party.

Hamburg added that turnout at this year’s convention was the largest ever.

“I think the enthusiasm around our candidates has really motivated people to get involved.”

Earlier this month the Maine Democratic Party also voted to end the use of super delegates in the presidential nominating process.



Shawn Skager

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