Bernie Sanders Invited To Speak At Vatican


As of this Friday morning Bernie Sanders has accepted an invitation from the Vatican to speak at a conference regarding economic, social and environmental issues.

“I am delighted to have been invited by the Vatican to a meeting on restoring social justice and environmental sustainability to the world economy,” Sanders said in a statement.

Just ahead of the April 19th primary in New York, Sanders will break from campaigning to attend the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences conference on April 15th.

“I am a big, big fan of the pope. He’s trying to inject this sense of morality into how we do economics … and we need that absolutely desperately.
There are people who think that Bernie Sanders is radical, read what the pope is writing,” Sanders said on MSNBC.

After much speculation as to whether or not Sanders and Pope Francis will meet, a Vatican spokesperson has said that no such meeting has been scheduled.


Mike A. Hewlett

Mike Hewlett is currently serving as Politics and Policy Chairman for Memphis Forward, a city organization working toward progressive policies in the Memphis area. Mike has worked for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Field Organizing and Communications at the Memphis, TN campaign office.

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