Bernie Sanders Keeps Narrowing The Delegate Gap Without Even Trying

United States Presidential elections are quite a convoluted process. Most states select district wide delegates that go to their respective party’s state convention, which then elect national delegates that go on to the GOP National Convention or the Democratic National Convention in Cleveland and Philadelphia respectively. It makes sense, somewhat. But if you’re passionate enough to want to sit through these conventions, it should be your top priority to actually make it out to said conventions. Which is something that, from the looks of it, Hillary Clinton supporters aren’t too keen on doing.

Bernie5547So far, we’ve had reporting that Missouri, which was called for Secretary Clinton after a long, arduous night waiting for a result of a statistical tie, ended up being flipped in favor of Senator Sanders.

And only a little over a week ago, Nevada was also flipped for the Senator, after Clinton had won by 5% in the February 20 caucus. But how is this the case?

Because each successive part of the delegate selection process counts on those delegates showing up to the conventions, any missing delegates can greatly swing those states in another candidate’s favor. So in Nevada, when some of Clinton’s delegates didn’t show up to the Clark County Democratic Convention, the state actually swung to Sanders. And Missouri has shown to be prone to the same thing. But what does this mean?

Well, for one, that Clinton’s pledged delegate count is slowly dropping. Sanders is working through that gap without having to try. We have many, many more local conventions to go, as well, which could also flip more statewide results in the voting. At this moment, the honest delegate gap, after taking into account these new results, is around 204, which is much lower than a lot of the mainstream media outlets will tell you.

What will this mean for the “insurmountable path”, as some call it, to the nomination for Sanders? Ask Secretary Clinton and the MSM outlets after a few more conventions. Watch this space.


Noah Fischel

Noah Fischel is an independent political reporter out of Las Vegas and a State Delegate for Bernie Sanders in the Nevada Democratic Convention. You can see his work on his website,

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    April 16, 2016 at 6:32 pm

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