Bribes / Donations Flow Into The Clinton Campaign

Photo by Andrew Magill via
Photo by Andrew Magill via

The mission statement of the Clinton Foundation is: “To bring people together to take on the biggest challenges of the 21st century.” A nice vague statement that could be used to justify just about anything. Questions have come up about the transparency of the foundation’s fund-raising from foreign governments and corporations. There is a concern about donations to the foundation being used as bribes for Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State and as President of the United States.

Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, said in April 2014,

“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.”

A very curious agreement between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation (arranged at the beginning of the Secretary of State Clinton’s tenure) came under scrutiny from the Wall Street Journal. During February, 2015, they found the Clinton Foundation had, once again, begun accepting donations from foreign governments. Contributions from foreign donors to U.S. political candidates are considered bribes, and against the law. These “contributions” constitute a major portion of the Clinton Foundation’s income.

The Washington Post investigated donations by foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation during the secretary’s tenure, and found six cases where such governments continued making donations at the same level they had before Clinton became secretary. In March, 2015, Reuters reported the Clinton Foundation had failed to keep its commitment to publish all of its donors, as well as its promise to let the State Department review all donations from foreign governments. In April, 2015, the New York Times reported that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the State Department had approved a deal to sell American uranium to Russians who had donated to the Clinton Foundation.

George Stephanopoulos, who has donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, once told Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, “when money is given to the Clinton Foundation “everybody” knows there’s “a hope that that’s going to lead to something, and that’s what you have to be careful of.

Mrs. Clinton’s pattern of taking bribes in the form of donations has been extended to a super PAC she set up, called ‘Correct The Record.’ Mrs. Clinton has an unusually close relationship with her super PAC in that she communicates with it directly. For a FEC investigation into this relationship, click here.

The Washington Post reported Bill Clinton made nearly $105 million for giving speeches from 2001-12. His biggest speech fees were paid by foreign hosts while his wife was secretary of State. These payments include $1.4 million from a Nigerian firm (two visits to Lagos); $600,000 from the Dutch financial firm, Achmea; and a Russian investment bank with ties to Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin, plus many others. (Check out the few they actually listed.)

Before Mrs. Clinton became Secretary of State, Saudi Arabia contributed $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. After becoming Secretary of State, the Saudis asked her for military jets. Two months before the deal was finalized, Boeing, who manufactures the F-15, contributed $900,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to a company press release. This finalized the deal.

The Saudi deal was one of dozens of arms sales approved by Secretary of State Clinton, putting weapons in the hands of governments who had donated money to the Clinton Foundation. Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation. While Secretary of State, she also authorized $151 billion in deals for 16 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Mrs. Clinton’s vote “for” the Iraq War makes more sense when you consider her statement,

“It’s time for the United States to start thinking of Iraq as a business opportunity.”


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    Taking money from foreign nations and factions by American politicians and officials is treasonous and needs to be prosecuted. Clintons should not be allowed any governmental positions nor further profiteering.

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