California Loves Sanders

California is experiencing a tidal wave of new voter registrations in anticipation of the Democratic Primary on June 7th. First-time voters are taking advantage of a quicker online registration process. waving goodbye to the antiquated and often weeks-long snail-mail method. In the first three months of 2016, over 850,000 new registrations were submitted, making history in one of the nation’s most progressive states. The May 23rd deadline to change party affiliation has also been used by Republicans and Independents to change party affiliation in support of their favorite candidate. With over two weeks left, it is expected that well over one million new voters will exist in California this year alone. Why the unprecedented numbers? Two words. Bernie Sanders.

In a recent California poll of the newly registered voters, Sanders crushes Clinton with a 40-point advantage, grabbing 67% while she is at only 27%. In another recent CA poll, Sanders has a 77% to 18% lead with voters between the ages of 19 and 29, while voters in the 30-39 age category support him at a 56%-31% clip. Among those voters who have “no party preference,” Sanders enjoys a 10-point lead.

Senator Sanders’ voting record, history, and platform are uncomplicated to the voting residents of The Golden State. Long thought of as a liberal mecca, California has accepted marriage equality, LGBT rights, and $15 minimum wage in the hands of the voters. Unrest over Clinton’s history against equality, clean energy, and private prison system ties have prompted many voters to decline supporting the entitlement candidate. California is warming up its voices to scream to the nation that they choose Sanders for the next president of the United States. With its rich pledged delegate count of 475, this state is a cotter pin in the Democratic National Convention in July.

Mainstream media has not been much help for Sanders in California or elsewhere; instead they continuously refuse to cover him on an equal basis. Perhaps they are fearful that if his platform were broadcast as often as either Clinton’s or Trump’s, there would be no chance for the current establishment. In spite of the lack of corporate media exposure, Sanders’ message in California has reached the people who need his platform the most.

The small coterie of people who control the media control the country’s information.

TV Networks

With what looks like everything on the line in CA, Bernie Sanders has asked Hillary Clinton for California debates, although the chances are slim that she’ll agree to them.  Sanders, polling strongly ahead of Clinton among certain demographics, can already expect a huge share of delegates if voter turnout is high; more visibility from extra debates would only assist in making that happen.

Websites such as explain that the momentum of the Sanders campaign does not match the statistics reported by mainstream media. Shady media tactics have included using pro-Clinton but supposedly unbiased political commentators, and delegate counts that include superdelegates, whose votes are not in play until the Democratic National Convention in July. With Sanders’ momentum, the chances of Clinton collecting enough delegates to achieve an uncontested nomination are slim; the hashtag #DropOutHillary recently spent close to 24 hours as the top trend on Twitter.

The surging Sanders has a strong ground game in California with events and volunteer opportunities for the million newly registered voters. One of the best sources of information for California is found not on the television or the radio, but at (

Don’t forget that you have until May 23, 2016 to register as a Democrat or “no party preference” if you want to vote for Bernie. Confirm your voter registration information in California at (


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