Devin Nunes- Incompetent, Deceitful, and a Drama Queen

Caricature by DoneyHotey

Republican Devin Gerald Nunes is a U.S. Representative from California. He serves as chairman of the U.S. House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and was a part of President Trump’s transition team. The people responsible for electing Nunes to his office live in San Joaquin Valley, the majority of western Tulare County, and most of eastern Fresno County.

In early 2017, during the Trump transition, Nunes was criticized for bias during the House investigation of Russian interference in the elections. On April 6, 2017, he “temporarily” stepped aside from leading that investigation, while he was investigated for improperly releasing classified information to the public. This was his “first” dramatic release of classified information. This particular release falsely claimed the Obama Administration of wiretapping the Trump Tower, and was an effort to support President Trump’s tweet, making the same claim.

Nunes’ second release of classified information was perhaps more dramatic, and even more foolish. Prior to its release, the White House cheerleaders described his “memo” as bigger than Watergate. The FBI cited “grave concerns” about the memo’s accuracy.

According to the Sacramento Bee’s editorial board. Devin Nunes has not been representing them, but instead has taken on the role of Trump’s stooge. They asked,

“What, pray tell, does Rep. Devin Nunes think he’s doing by waving around a secret memo attacking the FBI, the nation’s premier law enforcement agency? He certainly isn’t representing his Central Valley constituents or Californians, who care much more about health care, jobs and, yes, protecting Dreamers than about the latest conspiracy theory.”

The memo was supposed to expose FBI corruption at the highest levels. Unfortunately for Nunes, and the White House, the memo actually does exactly the opposite. In 3½ pages, Nunes confirmed the possibility of ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, and the need for special counsel Robert S. Mueller’ investigation.

Regardless of Republican claims, the memo still does not prove the Russia investigation is a Democratic dirty trick. The memo “instead” mentions the investigation was actually initiated as an investigation of George Papadopoulos (Papadopoulos has pled guilty to misleading FBI agents about his Russian contacts), and confirms the legitimacy of the investigation.

Representative Nunes’ most recent effort at drama attempts to distract from Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the Russian efforts to influence U.S. elections. Nunes would prefer the news media blame President Obama for Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Is Devin Nunes obstructing justices?


Keith D. Foote

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