Elizabeth Warren Reportedly set to Endorse Clinton

Elizabeth-Warren-HeadshotU.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is about ready to officially endorse  Hillary Clinton several sources close to Warren told Reuters.

The sources also told Reuters that Warren still hasn’t ruled out joining Clinton as her running mate.

The Bill Moyers show released a vintage clip of Senator Elizabeth Warren from 2004. In the video, Professor Warren talks about a meeting she had with then-first lady Hillary Clinton.

View the video clip from The Bill Moyers Show below to see how Warren used to view Hillary Clinton:

Many Sanders supporters felt betrayed when Warren didn’t endorse him prior to the Massachusetts primary, which Sanders narrowly lost. Warren has long been a critic of Wall Street, one of Clinton’s biggest contributors, so it seemed like a natural fit. Apparently Warren had other plans though and it’s a safe bet this endorsement will not sit well with voters that supported Bernie Sanders.

Warren’s battles with presumptive nominee Donald Trump have become internet fodder over the last few months.

Read more about the upcoming endorsement HERE

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G.A. Dunlap

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