Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Voiding Voter Registrations?


Art by Martin Emes via Flickr.com
Art by Martin Emes via Flickr.com

There has been a broad and widespread pattern of voter registration blunders in the Democratic primaries. It is too widespread to to be the result of normal everyday errors. Thousands of Democratic voters have lost their right to vote in the primaries and determine who the Democratic candidate should be. Registrations have been tampered with across the country. In a number of states people have their registrations listing the wrong party, or lost outright. This is happening in numbers never before heard of and cannot be written off as coincidence. Arizona’s and New York’s primaries were disasters, to name two.

William Simpich, an attorney in California, filed a lawsuit on Friday demanding additional time to register new voters. Why? Because the same thing is happening in California, and quite probably the other 5 states holding Democratic primaries on June 7. Although there are no evidence linking California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to the registration confusion there, he is a huge Clinton supporter and is one of the defendants named in the federal lawsuit.

The Democratic primaries are a study of chaos. Every state does it differently, and, at least in Nevada, rules can be changed on a whim by the chair (in Nevada, that would Roberta Lange), who had the police ready to cover her exit. Then “someone” spread false rumors of violence, which Hillary supporters in the news media reported with great exaggeration. In Iowa, a number of counties chose to flip a coin to decide who received delegates. (That’s not democracy, folks). In what is being called a “mistake,” Bernie Sanders has gained another delegate from Colorado, with Hillary Clinton losing a delegate she never really had.

In New York, over 126,000 voters in Brooklyn alone were “purged” from the records of registered voters. (How many hundreds of thousands of registered voters were voided from the state as a whole is unknown.) Diane Haslett-Rudiano, who was the Board of Elections’ chief clerk, was suspended without pay for her role in the lost registrations. In 2014, Haslett­-Rudiano sold a building for $6.6 million. It had tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid violations, including one for an unsafe building, and another for failure to properly seal the building. But Dana Lowey Luttway is also the daughter of U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey (D, N.Y.), made the purchase. Lowey is a Clinton superdelegate,  The connection with Nita Lowey and Hillary Clinton has sparked interest online, with many believing New York’s voter purge shifted the race to favor Clinton.

Bernie needs to win big in these 6 states: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota Caucus, South Dakota, are all voting on June 7. Montana has 21 delegates and is leaning towards Bernie. New Jersey has 126 delegates and favors Clinton, but Bernie’s popularity is growing (this is a state where the primaries may get a little weird). New Mexico has 34 delegates, and doesn’t have much polling. The North Dakota caucus has 18 delegates, and, seemingly, no polls. South Dakota doesn’t have much polling, but Bernie “seems” to be leading against Hillary. California, with 475 delegates, is already a mess, though early warnings may have allowed many to correct their inaccurate registrations. With the number of primaries taking place on one day, it’s an ideal time to to simply add to the chaos.

With the widespread efforts to disenfranchise Bernie Sanders voters, please take recording devices when you go to the primaries, keep an eye out for anything sleazy, and let us know (or your favorite news site) and we’ll let the world know.


Keith D. Foote

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