In Miami Debate, Clinton’s Trustworthiness Takes Another Hit

During last night’s debate I couldn’t help but notice the amount of times that Hillary Clinton attempted to try and mislead those watching in person or at home in regards to Bernie Sanders. It’s almost as if she has no comprehension that Youtube or the internet exists, it’s either that or she just simply doesn’t care. She tried it at the previous debate in Flint, MI when she attempted to spin a yarn that made Bernie Sanders look as though he was against helping the autoworkers that were decimated Free Trade deals that moved automobile manufacturing plants to Mexico. The internet erupted proving her wrong and her likability and trustworthiness suffered.

During the debate in Flint, there was a moment when he was trying to talk and she kept interrupting him, so he uttered the now famous, “Excuse me I’m talking” line. Her campaign thought they would be slick and use that comment to portray Sanders as a sexist, who by the way has a lifetime and easily verifiable record of standing up for women. Social media exploded but it backfired on the Clinton campaign because it just simply isn’t true. Because of that move, whatever short-term benefits her campaign thought she’d get from it were quickly erased and her likability and trustworthiness took more hits.

Last night at the Democratic Debate in Miami, she admitted, like she has in the past, that it bothers her that she isn’t more well liked and that large amounts of people don’t find her trustworthy but instead of working on that, she continued to do the very thing that has helped created that opinion. Last night she tried with all her might to paint Sanders as a “Bush-Sympathizer”, Bernie Sanders, the guy that voted against the Iraq war. That strategy failed again because Bernie’s record is only a few taps of the touch screen away for those that didn’t already know his stance with Bush. That move also did nothing make her more likable and trustworthy.

In an interview on CBS in February of this year she struggled with a question about whether or not she has lied to and will she lie to the American in the future. She said she’s tried not to(meaning she has) and said in the future would try not to(meaning she might). After seeing the last two debates, it’s clear she still is not ready to stop being untrustworthy.

After seeing several abysmal debate performances by her, one gets the sense that this was exactly why DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz laid down the law early on in this campaign and declared there would only be six debates, period. Clinton does not do well on camera. Oh sure, she reads her practiced lines decent enough but she comes across as anything but authentic and instead of talking, she scowls and uses a condescending tone. Now I’m no genius but I am the father of a couple of millennials and I know not to talk to them like that if I want them to do something. Especially when they’ve done nothing wrong.

But that sort of furthers my point here, she wants people to like her but she makes it very hard to do that and I’m not talking about digging into her past right now, I’m talking about what she is doing presently. Lately she has been hell-bent on misleading people about Bernie Sanders and I know why she does it, because in politics, that used to work to some degree, actually to a large degree in many cases. You have to remember though that she came out of an old school way of politicking that includes a stint as a Goldwater Girl in the 60’s and in the old days it was much harder to fact check. Mudslinging was all the rave.

There’s also fairly common belief that she, like a lot of politicians, will say anything to get elected but we live in a different world now. People are going to go check out what each candidate says before coming to a conclusion on who they support, because today we can verify the statements politicians make almost immediately. Here’s a wonderful video from Myles Dyer talking about that very thing. Times have changed and so have politics.

Clinton and her mudslinging campaign seem to not care and they go forward with a failed strategy of misleading the American people about Bernie Sanders, which, once the person learns the truth(or already knows it) makes her even less likable and trustworthy.

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G.A. Dunlap

2 thoughts on “In Miami Debate, Clinton’s Trustworthiness Takes Another Hit

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    March 10, 2016 at 10:21 am

    In 2008 I registered for a party for the first time in my normally independent life, specifically to vote for Hillary. I thought the racists would cause too much trouble for Obama, which they did. He has handled it VERY well however, but much more needs to be done, which is why I’m feeling the bern. This article describes the way I’m feeling about Hillary perfectly. She needs to quit it NOW. I’m not ready to vote Republican. I could never vote for one of those self-aggrandizing fools, but she could force me to stay home or vote for a write-in, and that would be a shame.

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    March 10, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Just to let you know, I’m from Michigan and I’m still smiling wide. As a MichiGANDER, we have made Bernie our Sanders-gander!

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