It’s Been a Big Week For Bernie in New York

Photo courtesy of the Bernie Sanders campaign
Photo courtesy of the Bernie Sanders campaign

Two days ago in New York nearly 30,000 people were drawn to a rally in Greenwich Village to listen to a simple man speak. Overflow counts varied based on different news agencies – it was estimated by some that between 10-20,000 hopeful attendees were packed into the surrounding neighborhoods as overflow. Unable to squeeze into Washington Park to listen to Bernie Sanders words from up close, they chose to stand on sidewalks and in streets to be near. The full length live stream video of the massive event has been viewed over 159,000 times on Youtube in the last 19 hours.

According to Reuters, Bernie Sanders in pulling ahead in national polls. A new surge of problems plague Clinton as her likeable ratings plummet and she hurries to catch up with Sanders on public appearances such as the Verizon picket line. Sanders is viewed as being with the people while Clinton stumbles to blend with the everyman. Though mainstream media is doing its best to freeze out Senator Sanders’ campaign, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are alight with #FeelTheBern.

The two also squared off in New York on CNN for a heated Democratic Debate the night after the historic rally with Sanders being the clear winner. When confronted about the transcripts for her Wall Street speeches she once again threw out the tired line “I’ll release mine when everybody else does”. When pressed about the fact that she’s running against a Democratic challenger who has released his non-existent speeches she buckled and had no legitimate response. Sanders also pressured her about her vote to go to war with Iraq and her regime change mentality that has failed time and time again.

New York is important. It’s time to turn the tide and make our voices a hurricane.


Anna McCann

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