Joe Satriani: “I Think Bernie’s Probably the Clear Choice”

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In a recent interview with Northwest Music Scene, guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, who also happens play in Chickenfoot with drummer and Bernie Sanders supporter Chad Smith, says he is “encouraged” by Bernie Sanders and that Sanders is “Probably the clear choice of candidates”.

Below is an excerpt of the interview. You can read the entire piece HERE if you wish

NWMS: “Chad has came out in favor of Bernie Sanders. I’m curious whether or not you’re feeling the Bern yet.”

Satch pic 2J: “I’m encouraged certainly by Bernie Sanders. I’m a little discouraged by the choices presented to the American public this time around. I was a supporter of our president Barack Obama. I’d love to see the Republicans join the team a little more, trying to help the lives in America. It’s been really frustrating. I’ve never voted in that direction. Ever since I was a young kid, my parents were democrats, and so that’s where I’ve leaned. It’s almost like after a while, you go, “Enough of those people, enough of the Bushes and the Clintons.” There’s certainly things that they’ve done that’s just too much, like what we don’t like about politicians. I was really hoping that some knight in shining armor would show up and we’d go, “Oh, finally.” But there are some crazy people running for office, starting with Trump and all the way down.”

So Bernie, I think that he’s probably the clear choice but on the other side of the fence that is about the craziest clown show I’ve ever witnessed as an adult. There have been some crazy people running for office right now, starting with Trump and all way down.  “Those are some crazy people”!

And on that note, let’s listen to something from Satch’s latest Shockwave Supernova

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