Join Us For National No Trump Day December 23

You’ve seen it. The never ending Trail of Trump. It’s a gift that keeps on giving for the networks. The more people hate and despise him, the more they post about how much they hate and despise him. Get it yet? ¬†The networks and MSM(Mainstream Media) publications will absolutely NEVER stop until we do.

I personally don’t think he has nearly the amount of supporters that the MSM would like you to think he has. They get their data from antiquated polling methods and package it into a supposedly factual narrative that in my opinion is very misleading. And make no mistake they are going to ride this until there is nothing left for them to gain. That’s why we need to stop and even a tiny break would be awesome.

So that’s why we are taking this pledge. No Trump what-so-ever from midnight tonight(December 22, 2015) until midnight tomorrow night(December 23, 2015), when Christmas Eve starts. In fact we’ll go one further and say we are no longer going to mention his name on this website for the next month. Not that we’ve mentioned him much to begin with but still, we are going for a 100% blackout.

This means, no articles, no sharing on Facebook, no ReTweeting his vile message on Twitter and no reblogging on Tumblr. It’s almost like he will no longer exist in our world.

We are going to use this Twitter hashtag #NationalNoTrumpDay up until midnight tonight but after that we aren’t even going to mention that we aren’t talking about him, because, well, we’d still be talking about him.

Not sure what this going to accomplish but even people whose opinion I respect and trust greatly have sometimes fallen into the trap and I’ve had it. Trump wants you to hate him and he wants you to talk about how much you hate him, as long as you are talking about him, in his sick and twisted mind he wins.

One more thing that would be cool would be to donate $3.00 to the official Bernie Sanders campaign during #NationalNoTrumpDay¬†and you can do that HERE. I’m gonna go make mine now to kick this off.

Happy Holidays!

Bernie 2016


One thought on “Join Us For National No Trump Day December 23

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    December 22, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    I told my husband this morning that I was going to start turning the TV off or changing the channel every time I heard his name. He agreed. We are doing it.

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