Jonathan Clarke Is The Anti-Jon Kaiman

Photo by Djembayz via
Photo by Djembayz via

Jon Kaiman is seeking the Democratic nomination to replace retiring Rep. Steve Israel (D-New York) in the House of Representatives. The problem is, Jon Kaiman is quite similar to the man Governor Snyder sent to Flint, Michigan, the one who mismanaged the water supplies, poisoning the citizens with lead tainted water. In this case, Governor Cuomo first appointed Kaiman as his Long Island Hurricane Sandy recovery czar, earning $153,000 annually for… no one is quite sure. He continues to earn his $153,000 as recovery czar, while simultaneously earning an income as chairman of the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority.

Jonathan Clarke, one of the lawyers who is working on a federal lawsuit in New York to stop voter suppression is also attempting to run for Israel’s seat. The problem is though, Kaiman has employed a shady tactic to slow down Clarke’s progress.

From Clarke’s Facebook page:

I do not usually rant, but I am just frustrated. Stephen Cadavillo challenged my petition before the New York State Board of Elections to get my name off the ballot for Congress. Cadavillo is a Jon Kaiman surrogate and alleged Bernie supporter. Jon Kaiman did not even have the nerve to challenge my petition himself. He put one of his flunkies up to it.

I am working on a massive federal lawsuit to stop voter suppression in New York, and now I have to take time away from the suit to fight Jon Kaiman’s challenge in the New York State Board of Elections in upstate New York in Albany.

Jon Kaiman has hired every Bernie supporter that would sell out for $8 an hour to work on his campaign. Jon Kaiman pays young Bernie supporters to canvass for him to try to convince people that he is pro Bernie.

Jon Kaiman is not pro Bernie. Go to his Facebook and see pictures of Jon Kaiman with Hillary Clinton the week before the primary.

If you are a Bernie supporter, and you have taken a job with Jon Kaiman, there is something wrong with you. Jon Kaiman is the antithesis of Bernie Sanders. He abuses campaign finance rules. He is linked to every corrupt scheme that happened in the Town of North Hempstead. Every person who worked with him at NIFA had nothing but terrible things to say about him. Election Justice USA

This is a Democrat who lacks ethics and big picture thinking skills, as shown by his illegal use of campaign funds. Jon Kaiman spent tens of thousands of dollars from his local campaign accounts during times when he was not seeking office, state campaign filings show. Will the impotent FEC do anything about this? No!

In 2013, Governor Cuomo appointed Kaiman to the position of Nassau County Interim Finance Authority, instead of appointing a municipal-finance expert. It is in the position as chairman that he negotiated a disastrous wage deal with the public employee unions. He called the deal a cost-neutral wage settlement with the unions. His poor negotiations actually drove the county deeper into the red. The county now pays an additional $70 million a year. Did he receive a kickback?

George Martin, who has left the organization, criticized Kaiman, for “reckless and irresponsible behavior” in handling the county’s unions, and for “vulgar” and “foul-mouthed” rants against staff. Marlin, with four years at the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, delivered a letter to Kaiman saying he was

“alarmed by some of your public activities and instances of inappropriate public behavior since you joined the NIFA board of directors.”

On a separate issue, Kaiman approved an $8 million contract to install artificial turf at county ball fields. The problem here is, he never involved the board members, who have traditionally blocked proposals to purchase artificial turf. Kaiman signed off on an $8 million two-year “requirements” contract. Under NIFA rules, the chairman can approve contracts of up to $5 million; for deals costing $5 million or more, the entire NIFA board must approve. Did he receive a kickback?

He gained his positions of authority, not by way of experience or education or hard work, but because of contacts and a weak ethical system. Jon Kaiman knows how to trade political favors for personal gain, and has no ethical inhibitions in using that knowledge. And now he is using those tactics to try and block an opponent who is a Bernie Thinker.


Keith D. Foote

Keith is also a freelance writer. He has written an alternative physics book titled the Ultra-Space Field Theory, and 2 sci-fi novels. Keith has been following politics, and political promises, for the last forty years. He gave up his car, preferring to bicycle and use public transport. Keith enjoys yoga, mini adventures, spirituality, and chocolate ice cream.

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