Latest New Hampshire Poll Shows Sanders Leading by 33 Points

Poll Season

In a new poll released today from New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders has over double the voter support of Hillary Clinton.

Sanders lead over the floundering campaign of Hillary Clinton sits at 33 points, with him at 63% and her with just 30%. The results are unchanged from the previous survey by this pollster.

See full poll results HERE

UMass-Lowell/7 News conducted its latest survey of 415 Democratic-leaning voters in New Hampshire via cell and landline telephone interviews from Jan. 31–Feb. 2. It has a 5.38 percent margin of error.

Both candidates are campaigning in New Hampshire and despite the incredible odds she is facing in the Granite State, Clinton suggests she could win in a landslide if this campaign was about issues, which is exactly what Bernie’s campaign is about.

Clinton and Sanders are still virtually tied after the historically close battle during the Iowa Democratic primary caucuses. There are still many questions outstanding, so we remain in the camp that is, for now, calling it a tie.


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