WATCH: Lynch Says That Meeting With Clinton Cast a Shadow Over FBI Investigation

Loretta Lynch understands that her “impromptu” meeting with Bill Clinton on Monday in Phoenix was at the very least inappropriate and cast a shadow over the criminal investigation being conducted by the F.B.I. into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.

“It has cast a shadow over what it should not. Over what it will not touch. It’s cast a shadow over how this case is resolved.”

Does Lynch regret welcoming the former President on to her plane?

“The issue is how does it impact the work that I do… I certainly wouldn’t do it again.”

Watch the video below as Lynch answers questions at the Aspen Ideas Festival:


Lynch also stated in the interview that she will defer to the official findings of the investigation and go along with their findings. She will step back from the investigation but she stopped short of recusing herself.

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