Attorney General Proves She is Too Close to The Clintons to be Impartial

By now you must have heard that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton or “Slick Willy” as he is less-than affectionately known in political circles held an unofficial meeting at an airport in Phoenix on Monday. Lynch was traveling with her husband when the former President decided it would be a good idea to get together with the Attorney General and make small talk.

Let’s assume for a moment that all they actually talked about were grandkids, their travels and Bill’s golf game. Let’s take them at their word that no mention was made about Benghazi and the ensuing public release of the official report. Let’s pretend that didn’t come up at all.

They reportedly spoke for around 30 minutes but let’s make believe that the pesky subject of State Department emails didn’t come up even one time. They are probably “sick of his wife’s damn emails” too and that’s why they didn’t discuss the ongoing FBI criminal investigation that reveals more on an almost daily basis right now.

While we are playing “pretend” let’s also say that there was absolutely no conflict of interest surrounding the meeting. No matter how this looks and what they discussed, this was a completely benign meeting between two people that have history together, Clinton did after all appoint her to the post of U.S. attorney for New York back in 1999.

Just old friends shooting the breeze as it were.

Never mind that Lynch’s office is in charge of an ongoing investigation into Bill Clinton’s wife’s email server. Just forget about that and let these ex-colleagues talk about the news of the day like the Brexit decision and what that would mean for the world going forward. When asked by reporters after the meeting Lynch even stated, “there was no discussion on any matter pending before the Department or any matter pending with any other body, there was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of State Department emails,” she continued, “by way of example I would say it was current news of the day, the Brexit decision and what it would mean.”

Nothing to see here right?

Lynch also says. “our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix.”

Since when can’t two old friends get together and sit around and talk about family stuff and traveling and just make small talk? When one of them is the Attorney General of the United States and the other is the husband of a woman under federal investigation, that’s when.

As you can imagine Twitter has been having a field day with this topic.

In the above scenario, we set aside any notion that the pending case was discussed or any other matter that involves the Clintons. But if we do that we must also look into the relationship of Loretta Lynch and the Clintons. It would appear that she is much too close to them to be impartial.

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G.A. Dunlap

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